“A new Krispy Kreme joint already? But “Stolen Bikes” just came out last week!!” That’s you, because you aren’t even on your grind. Not like these cool guys:

You krispy for this one, Kreme.

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  1. He’s in on the joke. Now we know. But I still can’t help but love it.

  2. Gabe, he clearly states that he makes these rap songs every day.

  3. This is total bullshit. They said Mike would rap in the next video if we all gave a thumbs up to a comment on Stolen Bikes. MIKE ISN’T RAPPING IN THIS VIDEO. Man, fuck today.

  4. OK Gabe, I first read grind as grindr and I’m like what? Gabe is on Grindr! What is going on! But now I see it’s an amazing video from the world’s most respected #WhiteRappers now that the Beasties are defunct.

  5. Krispy Kreme is an unlimited supply of my Summer Jams.

  6. I haven’t even watched the video yet, but I’m already in love with KRISPY’S LITTLE RED SHORTS.

  7. I have now officially watched more Krispy Kreme this week than I have eaten Krispy Kremes. And that is really saying something.

  8. They had me at the Mac Miller and John Cena shirts.

  9. this is fucking great stuff. favorite track yet. we are all so lucky that Krispy Kreme is the Ty Segall of redneck hip hop.

  10. How the hell can we get our hands on some of his chicken?

  11. I know this is about 10 months away but, Gabe, can you please book Krispy Kreme for the Videogum 5th Anniversary Party?

    PS. Krispy Kreme is on Spotify if you want to listen to all his jamz while reading the gums.

  12. money maker mike is ALWAYS in that shirt. If he makes so much money, buy a new shirt ( or does he have 100s of the same shirt?)

  13. Why doesn’t Money Maker Mike play the drums on any of these songs? We just saw this morning how talented he is.

  14. also did we find out if he is single?

  15. I can’t believe you like this redneck tripe over Turquoise Jeep.

  16. Lacks the focus of Stolen Bikes. Yeah, I said it!

  17. how old is he because, i’m kinda into short nerdy white guys with southern accents?

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  19. Only the coolest guys would rhyme “Michael Jordan” with “Michael Jordan”.

  20. Aw man. Krispy Kreme has become self aware (or was all along.)

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