I wish I could give some concrete examples to back up why Daniel Tosh has always seemed to me like an awful nightmare of a person (or, at the very least, a person who is more than willing to come across as an awful nightmare in attempt to appeal to an awful nightmare crowd), but I do not watch Tosh.0 (IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT) and, although I have seen at least one of his stand-up specials, I can’t particularly remember any specific jokes that would serve to demonstrate that feeling. But, in the bits of Tosh.0 that I have seen, there is certainly a pervading mean-spirited, desperate and uncomfortable frat-boy vibe that leaves a bad taste, and because of that it comes, unfortunately, at very little surprise that a fan has recently posted a blog entry detailing a performance in which Tosh not only spoke about how rape jokes are “always funny” (which, honestly, is but kind of small potatoes, or actually just NORMAL potatoes, for the Daniel Tosh type of comedian) (awful, awful type), but also all but encouraged the gang-rape of a woman who voiced her disagreement. As a goof, though! GOOD GOOF! GOOD JOKE! LOLOLOLOL. Full blog post detailing the good joke after the jump.

From Cookies for Breakfast, via Pajiba:

So Tosh then starts making some very generalizing, declarative statements about rape jokes always being funny, how can a rape joke not be funny, rape is hilarious, etc. I don’t know why he was so repetitive about it but I felt provoked because I, for one, DON’T find them funny and never have. So I didn’t appreciate Daniel Tosh (or anyone!) telling me I should find them funny. So I yelled out, “Actually, rape jokes are never funny!”

I did it because, even though being “disruptive” is against my nature, I felt that sitting there and saying nothing, or leaving quietly, would have been against my values as a person and as a woman. I don’t sit there while someone tells me how I should feel about something as profound and damaging as rape.

After I called out to him, Tosh paused for a moment. Then, he says, “Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now? Like right now? What if a bunch of guys just raped her…” and I, completely stunned and finding it hard to process what was happening but knowing i needed to get out of there, immediately nudged my friend, who was also completely stunned, and we high-tailed it out of there. It was humiliating, of course, especially as the audience guffawed in response to Tosh, their eyes following us as we made our way out of there. I didn’t hear the rest of what he said about me.

Obviously you cannot talk about blog posts from audience members talking about horrible things comedians said on stage without talking about THE BLOG POST from an audience member about a horrible thing a comedian said on stage. But this is tough in this case, with this comedian, because of how the market this particular comedian caters to is perhaps not the type of market who would be outraged to hear that a comedian they once supported made a out-of-line rape joke during a performance. No thoughtful blog has a Daniel Tosh Promise they can revoke, and it’s hard to expect that Daniel Tosh will have to release a formal apology for his disgusting, similarly lazy joke encouraging members of his audience to rape another member of his audience, because for those of us who would expect an apology for this garbage it is just, like, who is Daniel Tosh again? HE SEEMS VERY AWFUL, WHO IS HE! As if you’d expect an apology for the entirety of Family Guy, or for Dane Cook’s career, except with more of a niche market and worse. But, somewhere out there people paid to see him, and somewhere out there people clapped when he talked about rape jokes, and clapped when he talked about how funny it would be if five guys raped the girl who said she didn’t particularly enjoy rape jokes, and LOTS of people watch and love his show on Comedy Central, and my fucking goodness. What a nightmare. Everyone, please resume your previously in progress boycott of Daniel Tosh and the garbage that comes out of his mouth. He seems awful.

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  1. You spelled YOLO wrong, Kelly.

  2. This is so gross. Instead of talking about this woman-hating nobody, how about we all go read up on Rape Culture 101: http://www.shakesville.com/2009/10/rape-culture-101.html.

    • No imsteph, I’m not going down that shakesville rabbithole again. Never again. Never forget.

    • Why’s he gotta be a woman-hater? Men can get raped too, you know.

      • I WISH! (ha ha rape joke! but it’s OK I’m a man and it’s about a man raping me although you can’t rape the willing boy I’m gonna get downvotes)

    • Admittedly a useful link, but eeesh Shakesville.

      I see what you are trying to do some of the time, but then you post a screed about how Brave is racist to Scots and enforces ugly stereotypes of outspoken fiery gingers, and its back to square one.

      • But she does like Videogum!

      • Shakesville is kind of the worst. It’s labeled as a very progressive site but if you are intelligent and oppose a different point of view, they are usually hostile and block you. They basically just want to hear what other insane radical leftist theories they have (the kind that make real leftists embarrassed) to say about their theory which is basically just praise and virtual nods of agreement. It’s everything a smart/progressive/intelligent blog should NOT be.

      • That she does, which is a testament to how fundamentally decent Gabe and Kelly and the monsters are. Also, I feel like her writing style tries to ape Videogum a lot, which is really a relatively minor quibble- imitation is the highest form of something or another.

        I also have grown sympathetic to their extremely tight commenting rules to an extent, if only because I’ve learned more and more about what genuine creeps are out there and what they’ll say and do for kicks to shut down a progressive female voice (see: the Penny Arcade dickwolves thing, which started off as a slightly overwrought guest post at SV but turned into blinding assholery by the PA folks). So I get that they want to keep a handle on things over there, though to the point of policing folks for innocent use of the words crazy/insane/lame is a bit much in my eyes.

        Overall, its their space and I respect their rights to it, but whoo boy, from the outside in, is it ever an interesting little world.

        • I respect their rights and agree with you, but I have issues with not allowing voices of dissent. Yes, weed out the assholes. But voices of dissent allow you to progress. I’d hate it if everyone agreed with me all day.

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  4. Okay, so now not only do we have a pristine example of a reason to hate Tosh and wish violence upon him, but we also can now really, really, really easily give someone who denies rape culture an example of it.

    • man oh man I hope he has to walk on a mile of legos, barefoot. While dysentery-ravaged birds fly overhead.

      • Okay, you start buying the lego. Cover a square mile plot of land with them. Make sure you have a thick layer so he can’t just kick them away. I’ll have the bird shipped acros country after I make sure they are sick enough. While those things are happening, I’m going to go kidnap him, load him into a plane, do a low, but not too low, flyover the lego and push him out.

  5. Dude is so edgy, we should just push him off.

  6. A lot of his fans must really love the lazy jokes, and in turn, are lazy, because they turn on a tv about him watching videos on the internet.

    • I mean this is DEFINITELY not a defense of Tosh (b/c I find him generally unfunny), but I mean we all tune into this blog about watching videos on the internet…not to say we’re all not lazy, but there’s a saying about a kettle…

  7. I wish I could give some concrete examples to back up why Daniel Tosh has always seemed to me like an awful nightmare of a person

    I think the reason you can’t think of any specific examples is because it’s literally his entire body of work that makes you feel that way. His whole act is nothing more than saying really terrible things that the audience will laugh at because they’re “shocking”. He doesn’t write jokes. He doesn’t have any redeeming qualities as a performer. He’s just a smug piece of shit who is liked by the kind of people who think getting a girl very drunk is a legitimate and ethical way to get in her pants.

  8. this modern-day Bob Saget knows just how awful he is, he has a clock set to when he retires on his website. i’d look up how much longer it will take, but it’s just not worth going to his site to find out. i bet it’s like 2 years. hold out 2 more years everyone. then we will live in a post Tosh society, where people who do stupid things on the internet get the only recognition they deserve: Darwin Awards.

  9. I never thought I’d miss Carlos Mencia…

  10. Tosh is hard to figure out. He’s an unfunny mean spirited asshole but on the other hand he gets points for taking care of little dogs.


  12. this will sound dumb but one of my problems with tosh point o is that he has this really really long neck and he then wears these low cut v neck t shirts that only exacerbates his neck length so he ends up looking like some kind of giraffe type freak. not interested in watching him act smug and like he’s so “out there” with the humor that is “over the edge” etc. but that neck thing is a distraction. I dont care for it. he should wear turtlenecks or a scarf or something, cover that thing up. I dont care for it.

  13. also feel like tosh point o and the family guy dude seth macfarlane (sp?) are cut from the same cloth, this kind of de-humanized smugness, this post-smug sort of smugness that is smarmy and unappealing. something boring about that type of attitude. dont care for it.

  14. Wow, making a joke about rape at a woman’s expense? How original. Nothing like that has ever been done before. Clearly, he is a comedic genius, who wields his wit like a deadly rapier.

    • I heard Jo Koy do the joke before anyway

    • I get it. Rapier.

    • Agains…. not defending Tosh O, but videogum darling Louis C.K. makes a rape joke at a female heckler Megan Hilty in season one of Louie. Without knowing the context I don’t think this incident can be used to represent eveything horrible about Tosh O.

      • The context is encouraging rape.

        • Do you know the context?

          • Are you serious? Are you really asking what the context of encouraging rape is? The context is a world where rape happens reguarly. A world where survivors of rape are constantly reminded how little the world cares for that, how accepted it is. In that context, he encouraged people to rape someone.

          • No. Im saying you weren’t there so you really don’t know how it was said. Look, I believe in due process. I don’t like rape jokes (I know SHOCKING), but Im going to reserve judgment until I here exactly what happened and both sides.

          • The context is listed in the blog post. He was talking about rape jokes being funny, the woman said she didn’t think so, and he said “it would be funny if she got raped right now”. [Admitedly, it would be what some might label ‘ironic’ if she were to get raped by the audience at that point, but not actually funny”. However, basically implying “hey audience, you should rape her, that would be funny” is pretty clear regardless of context (which WAS provided). We don’t know how he got to the point where he started talking about rape jokes in the first place, but we do know where his ‘retaliation’ against the ‘heckler’ came from.

            And, the argument that Daniel was making is that rape jokes are ALWAYS funny, and that rape jokes are thus inherently funny … as opposed to someone like Louis CK or George Carlin who may argue that anything ‘can’ be funny, you just have to find the way to do it. Also, much of what happens on the show Louie isn’t meant to be ‘funny’ in a traditional sense. A lot of it is deeply awkward, or horrifyingly real, or tragically sad. An example of ‘someone else said it, so it must be cool’, isn’t enough. Just because, for example, some people feel that the rape scene in Girl with a Dragon Tatoo was powerfully done, and warranted, etc … doesn’t mean that EVERY rape scene in EVERY movie is non-exploitative and necessary. The “Grapist” sketch from Mr. Show does not make bad rape jokes funny or acceptable either.

          • Such a good sketch.

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          • Sometimes it’s hilarious.

          • I agree, I loathe Tosh but he was making an unfunny joke not endorsing rape. Daniel Tosh is terrible and his material is terrible and his show is terrible but you can’t draw moral line saying it’s fine for Louis C.K. to tell rape jokes just because he’s talented and smart and we love him but Tosh can’t because he’s a hack.

      • He didn’t actually tell a rape joke. His *character* in a *fictional show* told a rape joke, and the moral of the episode was ultimately that he was an asshole for it.

  15. This whole thing was too upsetting, so I decided to make a pretty picture of this Tosh person looking like the clown that he is.

    I feel much better now!

  16. I don’t seem so dumb for taking Rob Dyrdek’s side in the War of the Internet Clip Shows that Nobody Watches, now do I?

  17. I really don’t have a problem with Tosh O, but I have a mean spirited sense of humor. Life is sort of mean spirited and the more you can laugh at it makes it easer. With that said, I do think most of the jokes are lazy and the audience enjoys the freedom of being able to say horrible things poorly disguised in comedy.

    • I have an incredibly mean spirited sense of humor, but still see nothing funny about him flatly and cynically telling the most offensive jokes to get cheap laughs from “edgy” humor that people only actually like because it enforces the status quo.

      • I just perused his FB page and found about 8 things from the Internet that I thought were funny about, oh, three years ago. And I know this is a giant recycle factory, but he’s especially lazy and his fake “edgy” humor is the worst.

      • Daniel Tosh falls into that “trying to be a bad boy bully” camp that is just so offensive and unoriginal it makes me form instant strangle claws when I see his face. “I’m pushing boundaries!” How exactly? You live in a free speech society. What boundary are you pushing? The one where you can say something incredibly hurtful/scary/threatening/inciting of gang rape and then not be jailed because you share the same rights as the rest of us? What a bad boy! Good thing you’re an equal opportunity bad boy because you’re just too hot to handle. On the way out, after you make it seem totally funny to rape some bitch in the audience, how’s about you kick over those garbage cans? Yeah, you’re a fuckin’ badass Daniel Tosh, ain’t nobody tell you what to do!

        His rotten cream of wheat person is just repulsive.

    • yeah, the more you can laugh at it makes it easier to ignore things like rape.

      • i dont think jwormyk meant laughing at rape makes you ignore it. If that’s the case lets never make in fun of anything ever again. but i think the blogger did the right thing, she spoke up and then left.

    • There is a difference between mean-spirited and inhuman.

      • I think calling Tosh O inhuman is gross exaggeration.

        • Joking about people gang-raping a woman sitting in the audience, joking about that audience raping her, that’s inhuman.

          • Yes. That attempt at a joke was inhuman, but I think this is a broader discussion about Daniel Tosh as a comedian, and I think no matter how much he misses the mark and is lazy, he is trying to make people laugh and be happy. That is not inhuman.

          • Dude, we get it. You like rape culture. You don’t like it when people speak up against it. Fine. But how about when people are speaking against it, you keep quiet?

          • Nothing makes me HAPPIER than talk of gang-rape! What a blessed SOUL he is for trying to so kindly impart such joy and laughter upon the world.

          • ptsmith, I totally agree with you on this point, but there’s no need to be such a jackass.

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    • Intimidating someone into meekly sitting through rape jokes isn’t the same as finding humor in the aspects of life that are mean-spirited. He didn’t say it to be funny. He said it to cow someone into not objecting. That’s not comedy, that’s bullying (at best).

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        • Yes, you are. You are making excuses for him. You are willfully participating in rape culture. Good one.

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          • Gotta agree with Stallone here. Except the “die” part. Accusing people of participating in rape…………………. culture just because they disagree with your point of view is pretty fucked up. I get that it makes you feel good to say mean things to people when you’re arguing, but you’re not helping your cause. You’ve got some growing up to do.

        • Just how many rape jokes does it take for a shitty comedian to be revealed as a shitty human? Is there a benchmark we can use? And what about when they’re not rape jokes, but are attempts to intimidate people who object to rape jokes into silence? What’s the benchmark there? Do I need to read up about how Ted Bundy volunteered at his local animal shelter to get a complete picture of him as a serial killer? Even a stopped asshole is nice twice a day, or however that goes.

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          • I dunno, you’re the one who seems to think that possible good wipes out known bad. The trick is: where’s the dividing line between Tucker Max and Tosh? Just how much do we have to see before one becomes the other, and who gets to draw that line? You? And you seem to think that because someone who’s worse exists, then whatever bad Tosh propagates doesn’t matter. And I think that’s horseshit and you should stop making excuses for an asshole who thinks telling a person directly that it would be hilarious if she got gangraped.

            In other words: good privilege. Nailed it.

          • You are the one who is comparing a comedian to a sadistic sociopath serial killer. My point in all of this is I that I try to get all the facts before I grab my pitchfork and torch. There seems to be a reactionist mentality going on in this thread, and if that is what is going on then own it. Don’t try to over intellectualize the opinions you are forming prematurely based on a one sided tumblr post.

          • Here’s the thing you don’t get, jwormyk: I don’t need more than one. I don’t need someone showing complete disregard for my safety and well-being and personhood more than once. ONCE IS FUCKING PLENTY. I don’t need any more facts! I’m good, thanks, that one will do it!

            I mean, seriously. Your point is: la la whatever who cares if it’s dehumanizing and horrible, I only care if it’s funny, you don’t know if he says non-dehumanizing and non-horrible things the rest of the time, WHAT ABOUT THE FACTS! No. Go away now.

          • “I don’t need someone showing complete disregard for my safety and well-being and personhood more than once.”

            Wait…. So you were the person in the audience that Tosh tried to rape? Or did you just read about it on a blog? Because there’s a pretty big difference.


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    • He can make gay joke about himself, how can he be homophobic if he think joking that he’s gay is funny? And joke abour horrible things are funny because horrible things are funny?

    • There is funny-horrible and then there is rape-horrible.

    • Is “sociopathic” really the right word for it? I think what we’re looking at with Tosh is attempts at self deprecation and cringe humor at the expense of both himself and others. It’s not antisocial. It’s just antigood.

      • antigood? if that’s the case than the scathing criticism we sometimes do on here could be considered antigood. either way he’s a comedian, i don’t think he’s the worst out there and i’ll leave it at that. also, i’m assuming the girl knew what type of comedian daniel tosh is or at least her friend. if that humor isn’t your cup of tea, why go to the show, especially if he has “rape as comedy” jokes. not to mention i don’t this is the first time daniel tosh has brazenly shut up someone who’s interrupted his show.

        • She got what she deserved?

          • In the sense that she went to a Tosh / Dane Cook show and got terrible comedy, sure. Sadly, if the blog is in *any way accurate* she did not. She went because she didn’t know who was performing… and as a human who has gone to too many whatevers…yeah.

            Also, I know I am posting this when no one is reading it, but when I half explained this to my mom her IMMEDIATE reaction was… “THAT ASSHOLE? HE SHOULD BE FIRED. HE IS THE WORST” and THEN I said what happened.

            I’d drop the boom mom microphone, but that is a waste of technology.

        • “Brazenly shut up someone” is an odd way to put “comment on the hilarity of rape, not in the abstract but in reality.”

  19. He seems like someone who was bullied as a child, and his odd response was to become a bully. Either that or he’s just mean. I wish comedy central would come up with a better show for his time slot.

  20. Daniel Tosh is by far the worst element of his own show. Not coincidentally, his show is in general an alright compendium of (mostly) funny web videos (read: a live-action VIDEOGUM). I know numerous people, myself mildly included, who think the show is funny but “hate” its host. Welcome to the new media, I suppose, where the shows are YouTube and the hosts are nightmarish YouTube commenters.

  21. Can there be a rule that in the future comedians need to be funny?

  22. That poor girl. My goodness, I just cannot even fathom how atrocious that must have been. Shame on Comedy Central for sanctioning Tosh’s “brand” of humor for so long. Seems to me that he feels like he can get away with any kind of atrocious garbage nonsense he wants to spew out of his mouth, because, I guess he can. Not like CC is going to do anything.

    I hate, hate, hate that this guy is a “notable” alumnus of my alma mater. Once he did a free show for Homecoming, and at the time, I had no idea who he was so I was going to attend. Thankfully for me, the show was at capacity by the time I got there.

    I guess I should just focus on the fact that we can also claim Cheryl Hines.

  23. he is just not funny and has a bigger-i-want-to-punch-him-in-his-bitch-face than pete campbell

  24. Aside from his really backwards jokes on race, gender, and sexuality, the thing that annoys me the most is his supporters make the very juvenile “he makes fun of everyone” defense of his work.

  25. This is in no way condoning what Daniel Tosh said. It was totally gross and making fun of rape in such a blase manner falls strictly under the header of “One of the worst things you can do in front of large groups of people.”

    However, standing up and yelling out at a club is not how you start a conversation about the nature of rape jokes. Yelling at someone with a mic is a no-win situation. The best way to deal with a comedian who is saying things you do not agree with is to leave quietly. Maybe even ask the owner of the club for comedian’s manager’s contact information so you can write a letter or call saying “I was displeased with this and I would like my money back.” Even if you don’t get the money back, the likelihood is higher that the performer will think more about the response beyond the quick comeback that is probably going to be met by laughs and cheers.

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    • The performer is not going to think about the response. If he were prone to that sort of introspection, he never would have said it. Speaking up is not for the performer’s benefit, it’s for the person doing the speaking up, and anyone else in the audience who is uncomfortable, and for those people in the audience who hear the laughter and think that there’s no reason to be uncomfortable and this is an acceptable way to behave. The social reinforcement that saying something like that is okay is just as damaging as him saying it, if not more so.

    • It’s true, saying something is ‘asking for it’. She ‘had it coming’.

  26. On any other site, this entire thread would be dedicated to calling Kelly a misandrist feminazi and then someone would make an app game where you could punch her in the face.

    You guys get it. Thanks for being cool.

    • I think only feminists are smart enough to know what misandry means.

    • This is one of the reasons I joined Videogum. It’s one of the few spaces on the internet (that I’ve come across) with a mixed community where female commenters can feel safe and comfortable and welcome. I haven’t seen a single “go back to Jezebel” type of comment anywhere.

    • Or maybe just an app where you could draw a little Hitler mustache on her face?

      I abhor violence against women, even in an app.

      That said, I’m not above dismissing their intelligent discourse with a wave of the hand and a “Bah! Feminazis!” comment.

  27. This saddens me. I remember several years ago I went to see him perform, partly because he is from the South Florida area like myself. Yes, the humor doesn’t quite reach the standard expected by the fair commentariat here, but nothing was overly offensive, and I had a solid 90 minutes or so of some dumb fun. I also got to meet him after the show and he was very gracious.

    But, I suppose like others who practice this type of comedy, it draws a certain fanbase, and in show biz you gotta “give the people what they want”. I tend to be a pretty forgiving person, but is beyond my limits. Have a nice life, Mr Tosh. I’ll be over here watching my $5 Louie CK special.

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    • Yeah, such an enlightened age. I mean, rape never happens anymore, so why not laugh at it. It’s not like there could easily be people in the audience who’ve been raped and who get triggered by rape “jokes.” None of that happens, because thank god in our enlightened age, no one is raped.

      • And the lowest common denominator is OBVIOUSLY rape. What else in this topsy-turvy world is as universal for all people? Nothing, that’s what.

        “I am rapist.” – Gwyneth Paltrow

      • One in how many women are raped or have rape attempted on them in a lifetime? Was it 100? 50? Wait, seriously, FIVE? That has to be a joke, right? Great rape joke, way to reprint that bullshit, New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/15/health/nearly-1-in-5-women-in-us-survey-report-sexual-assault.html.

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        • Uhh dude, you are missing the point. It’s not just ‘making a joke.’ It’s going so far beyond that and revealing what kind of shit society pumps into people’s heads about women and sexual abuse.

          Im quite aware that 99% of the people who are fans of this guy probably dont know anything about genocide that they couldnt watch in a fucking Kony 2012 video and that we are not dealing with Judith Butler scholars in the audience here. These are the same kind of people that cheered when Rick Perry talked about executing mentally handicapped people, okay. And that is kind of why it is so important to stop propagating this shit.

          While he may not be literally ‘encouraging rape,’ he IS encouraging asserting power over women so they are frightened into doing what men want. that’s what he was doing, he was threatened by her actually challenging him to think about what he has said, and his immediate response was to intimidate her with the threat of sexual violence because it is something women are vulnerable to. He is encouraging the kind of behavior that often manifests itself as rape.

          but i guess she should just get over it, right? gosh women are so annoying!

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          • Hey, nice namedropping! My girlfriend is Judith Butler’s student! Also, the ‘joke’ is a)not funny b) not a joke c) heinously offensive. That is all.

          • I’m actually DEFINITELY NOT taking this too far. your response is so unexamined. you probably think women who bitch about UGH, FEMINISM are such a fucking DRAG and just need to get over it already. they’re all ugly anyway, right- otherwise they would just be flattered by that male attention! I am glad that you can genuinely ignore the fact that sexism still exists in the foundation of our society, I’m sure it makes things a lot easier for you. But I can’t and it is something that affects and disturbs me every single day. Nothing makes me inherently better as a human being than anyone, period, including people who are not disturbed by or ignorant of different types of oppression. I just dont believe I have to take any of their uninformed opinions as truth.

            and I honestly just think Judith Butler should be the go to for learning about shit in this world sometimes.

          • No, I’m all for feminism. Up with women, I say. My mother has always been a feminist activist and was a big supporter of the ERA back in the day, and a lot of her beliefs rubbed off on me. I just don’t think a stupid joke encouraged violence against women. Don’t make assumptions about people just because you disagree with them.

    • Wait, in your head, a variation of ‘she should be gang-raped’ occurred, BEFORE you read what he said?


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    • You’re a jackass.

  29. Yikes. If your comment beings with any kind of version of “not to condone this” or “not to say this is right,” you really need to just step away from the keyboard and shut the hell up.

  30. Louis CK can dress his daughter up in blackface but Daniel Tosh cant make rape jokes?

    • Louis CK also makes rape jokes, which no one on this thread seems to acknowledge.

      • Louis CK is also guilty of lowbrow “shock” and “edge”. Unless saying the n-word, c**t, and f****t in the same sentence is now supposed to be witty.

        • Louis C.K.

          “Everybody has different words that offend them, different things that they hear that they get offended by. To me, the thing that offends me the most, is every time that I hear the “N-word”. Not “nigger” by the way. I mean the “N-word”, literally whenever a white lady on CNN with nice hair says: “The “N-word.” That’s just white people getting away with saying nigger, that’s all that is. They found a way to say nigger. “N-word.” It’s bullshit cause when you say the “N-word” you put the word nigger in the listeners head. That’s what saying a word is! You say the “N-word” and I go oh she means ‘nigger’. You’re making me say it in my head. Why don’t you fuckin say it instead and take responsibility, with the shitty words you wanna say. Just say it, don’t hide behind the first letter like a faggot just say it, say ‘nigger’ you stupid cunt. I don’t know I don’t care. Somebody will kick my ass.”

      • You keep bringing this up like it’s okay because Louis did it. I love Louis, but I don’t think he’s always on point. (In fact, I was very uncomfortable with the blackface, as well as the violent sex scene in the most recent episode of his show.) We can talk about that, sure, but Louis is not some standard for what is and isn’t okay in comedy. I don’t like his rape jokes, but it is entirely possible that there are others on here who do. I think the reason Daniel Tosh’s rape joke is under discussion is that it wasn’t a joke – it was a call to violence, on its face, used to humiliate and silence a woman who disagreed When Men Were Talking. See the distinction?

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          • Most people already agree that he is a terrible comedian, in part because his MAIN contribution to ‘comedy’ is the YouTube version of America’s Funnest Home Video.

            Louis CK, on the other hand, has not only done great stand up work, but been involved in writing many quality films and tv series. His latest series, Louie, isn’t even a ‘comedy’ in a traditional sense. It goes much further than a sitcom, and goes into uncomfortable areas that would otherwise label the show a drama. And Louis CK doesn’t go out and berate people for being uncomfortable about aspects of hs FX show, he doesn’t say “you should be laughing now” (hell, most people on videogum have a disdain for laugh track based sitcoms, which goads instead of bullying).

            While the argument of whether or not ANY rape joke is “funny”, or whether or not a comedian should “get a pass” on using rape jokes is one that could be made, there is still the massive difference that this wasn’t “a” rape joke. It was a bit about how funny rape jokes are (so, it’s not just a case of a rape joke, but a DEFENSE of rape jokes), which was followed by more ‘jokes’ about ‘raping’ the person in the audience that dared to question the premise that rape jokes are ALWAYS funny.

            It isn’t a case of “why is it ok for Louis CK to use the n-word, but Michael Richards gets in a bunch of crap about it”. One rape joke does not equate to a defence of rape jokes followed by a “it would be funny if the audience raped you now” musing used against someone that was already disturbed enough about the rape jokes to speak up about it.

      • i’ll acknowledge it… just so you don’t go crazy and explode.

  31. 1. What Tosh said to those girls was completely disrespectful and he should apologize.
    2. Comics often work out bits that have an observation or meaning that is woefully under-articulated in in their early incarnations. This is one of those times. He should not have worked this one out in front of an audience yet. Frequenting the Laugh Factory in the early 2000s, I saw Dane Cook, Louis CK, Jay Mohr, and Dave Chappelle work out some completely unfunny, offensive shit. And those sets all bombed, just like I’m sure Tosh’s did.
    3. Tosh is in the spirit of Don Rickles and Lisa Lampinelli. You either take their offensive stuff as gospel or you realize it’s a schtick.
    4. Tosh is not that funny and this was stupid and offensive, but whoooaaaa people let’s settle down.

    • Yeah, what’s all this outrage. A man only said it would be funny if a woman were gang-raped in front of him, simply because she dared to speak. Settle down, everyone.

      • So what would you do to Daniel Tosh if you were king of the world?

        • Have him publically shamed, because freedom of speech comes with the side effect of everyone else being able to freely and publicall speak about how much of an asshole you are because of what you said. Perhaps the backlash would be loud and large enough that his Comedy Central job is lost.

          No one is saying that HE should be taken out into the streets and raped, regardless of how karmically appropriate, ironic, poetic, or otherwise ‘funny’ (in a not really funny, but one of those sort of interesting ways that things turn out) it would be.

          However, he is not that funny, stupid and offensive … and many shows have been cancelled for less. Not talking about it means giving him the right to say whatever the hell he wants, with a much larger audience because people pay to see him, and he gets paid to be on TV, while the offended parties, who have a fraction of the ‘broadcast range’ he has, are the ones that are basically being told to shut up about it. If no one can actually stop Tosh from talking, then no one can really stop people from talking about the stupid shit he is saying. The best case scenario, is enough people hear about this and he is somehow punished for it professionally. Maybe even personally, if some woman he’s dating, engaged to, married to, etc (I have no idea about his private life) gets offended enough, but if that’s enough to destroy a relationship, there was likely other problems there anyway.

          • Sorry, I’m just not willing to ruin someone’s career because of a stupid comment. If Mel Gibson took his “I hate Jews” act on the road, then yes, public shame and job loss. If Tosh apologizes sincerely and learns from this mistake and tempers his material accordingly, is that not sufficient?

          • Or how about, as a show of good faith, he attends a seminar on women’s rights and issues, and maybe visits a battered women’s shelter and talks to some of the women there to get a better perspective on domestic violence and rape, so he realizes that his words carry power no matter how harmless he thinks they are? Doesn’t that sound more productive and educational than shaming someone in public and making them lose their job and – jesus – getting dumped by their significant other? Who knows – give him enough knowledge and he could become and advocate. People can change – after all, Kathleen Hanna is married to Adrock. You ever read the lyrics on Licensed to Ill? Not exactly feminist.

          • The thing with free speech is … one person (unless that person runs Comedy Central, or is one of their biggest sponsors, or higher up in Viacom, etc) isn’t going to single handedly ruin someone’s carreer. It takes a lot of small voices to drown out a ‘big’ voice. So it’s not about willingness to ruin someone’s career. Mel Gibson still gets work, even if he hasn’t been that busy as of late (admitedly, he wasn’t that busy before the outbursts, plural).

            As for the whole act of good faith/apology/etc thing … well, that’s the nice thing about public stuff. He CAN use the same fame/publicity/news thing that made this a big deal and try and counter the bad publicity he’s acrued. He can try and work to counter the tide. Some people will think it’s enough, others may not. However, he has the ability and the right to try to fight it out in the court of public opinion.

            He’s not some sort of victim here. He’s getting backlash to things he said, things which he’d have to be an idiot not to realize had the potential of receiving backlash. He’s “sorry” that it left the comedy club and got out to a broader audience.

      • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

        • It’s adorable that you think they’re separate.

          • Do you not understand the difference between silencing a person for expressing themselves… and silencing a heckler during a performance?

          • Do you not understand rape as comedy and the oppression of women come from the same place? Do you not understand that saying women’s voices have nothing to do with (your decreed) issue of rape as comedy only reinforces that, since to you “rape as comedy” is a universal issue to be discussed, and not to be muddied with “women’s voices” which are obviously a specialty issue?

            Do you not understand that there are literally thousands and thousands of ways to silence a “heckler” (and claiming someone who says rape jokes aren’t funny is a heckler is a profoundly generous and flexible definition of the word) that don’t include stating it’d be funny if she were gangraped? And that one of the ways to silence that “heckler” is actually to not make rape jokes in the first place?

          • You’re missing my point entirely. I agree that saying a woman should be raped is a horrible thing, and Tosh deserves the backlash he’s getting. But I don’t like seeing that rolled into this “he was silencing a woman who was expressing herself.” I’m with you right up until that point. But then you take that step right over the line of rational thinking.

            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGTr9LXxXvQ Here’s George Carlin dealing with a heckler. He says “can someone put a dick in his mouth?”

  32. Can’t wait to hear this measured, non-reactionary response.

  33. The reason I’m a little hesitant to jump onto the hate Tosh bandwagon, just think about all of those Comedian vs Heckler videos on Youtube, where the comedian uses his entire arsenal to take down an unruly audience member, but now imagine it as a blog post written by the recipient of the tirade. They probably all read like horror stories. This whole interaction the post described, probably lasted ten seconds.

    “Rape jokes are funny.”
    “No they’re not.”
    “Imagine if she got raped right now.”

    But in this overworded “back from the war” sort of story, it sounds like this grueling traumatic experience. It sounds like somebody who doesn’t watch much live comedy went to a show without knowing many of the comedians, then she got offended by the Daniel Tosh character (awkward, not nervous, and intentionally antagonistic), then tried to uphold moral values in the middle of a comedy show, got yelled at for it, then had a nervous breakdown in the lobby while trying to get her money back for a comedian’s insulting joke. (spoiler alert: you’ll almost never get your money back for being offended at a comedy club).

    • Also Patton Oswalt definitely called a female heckler a cunt. It’s on Youtube. Same with Zach Galifianakis. If you want to understand exactly why comedians hate hecklers so much, Just watch season one of Louie where he explains to a heckler after a show why it is so destructive to disrupt a show. This is in no way excusing what Tosh said, but you have to realize that if you heckle during a set, a comedian will come after you with everything they’ve got. You may not like that, but that’s the way it goes. It’s the risk you take if you interrupt.

      • I don’t think she’s a heckler. Hecklers have the intention of disrupting the show or insulting the comedian, things like “you’re not funny” or “shut up” to throw off the comedian. Most hecklers think they are funny and/or drunk. This girl was giving him a reality check because shit is not funny.

  34. Well this took a turn to the fucking gross.

    • No one is saying this isn’t stupid or offensive! I’m certainly not. I’m just not calling Tosh Chris Brown.

      • Right, he’s okay because he only encourages a culture that makes violence towards women okay, he doesn’t actually commit the violence, so who cares?

        • In your universe, there is no distinction between true intent and words he said. I get it. Because he said it, he means it. I don’t agree with that. But I certainly understand your point of view now.

          • In a lovely, ideal world, when people said or did anything, you would be able to divine their true intent – everyone around them would understand what they really meant, who they are as a person, and what messages they actually want to send out to the world.

            We do not live in this world, and when people in the media, with a large audience like this idiot has, say things like this, even if deep down he is a feminist (HA), the message is – I mean this thing, and it is okay for others to mean this thing also.

          • Do you legitimately not understand how intimidating someone into shutting up by “hilariously” threatening her with a type of sexual violence she faces pretty much constantly from the world at large – a world that generally doesn’t give much of a shit about that sexual violence, to the point where it’s joked about, jokes about it are defended like they’re either inconsequential or a Constitutional right, and people casually talk about their bank raping them on fees (not to mention, you know, not doing much of anything to STOP RAPE other than telling women not to dress slutty, be drunk, wear a ponytail, walk home at night, be in public, or be female) – makes it pretty moot whether he means it in an entirely literal sense?

          • Feministnoise, I legitimately understand your point of view. I also understand that you will pick every battle at the slightest perceived challenge to your worldview. My wife was getting ogled and heckled by some construction workers in our condo development, and after she expressed her discomfort I talked to the building management about it and the behavior was stopped. I did something similar for a woman in my workplace. Is my wife a bad person for not suing the construction company and filing a lawsuit against the rental office? I don’t think so. I think she simply wanted to not feel uncomfortable and go on with her day.

          • Okay, the right not to be raped is not my “worldview.” It is not a worldview at all. If you want anyone to consider anything else you have to say at all thoughtfully, you might want to start out by not making women a special interest group.

            The point of action is not on your wife, and it is also not on you. It is on the people doing the harassing. THEY are the people who need to change their actions, and they never, ever will as long as the burden is continually put on someone else. And how an individual chooses to deal with catcallers is really not relevant to whether Daniel Tosh is a shit for putting a woman in her place with some witty rape threatening “jokes.”

          • Oh man, that is a complete twisting of my words, and a complete bullshit tactic. The right not to be raped is EVERYONE’S worldview that is not a rapist. Cheap shot.

          • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

          • That gin must be kicking in, because that made absolutely no sense.

        • You could say the same thing about Louis CK and blackface, but yeah, who cares?

          • 1) This isn’t a post about Louis CK and blackface.
            2) Should there be a post about Louis CK and blackface, and should people be complete dicks about not judging him for this one thing, and this isn’t racist, it’s just an unfunny joke! I will most assuredly say very critical things about that.
            And 3) This is completely an effort on your part at derailing, but nice try.

          • 1. No derp. I was pointing out this cool new thing called a “double standard”.
            2. Blackface is racist. Louis Ck made a mistake, but that doesn’t make blackface un-racist somehow.
            3. I don’t really see how being confronted with a possible hypocrisy constitutes as changing the subject matter. Just because the example is outside of the context of the situation?

          • 1) This still isn’t a post about Louis CK and blackface.
            2) The only person even suggesting the possibility that blackface might not be racist is you.
            3) Of course you don’t see it. And yet, it’s still derailing to claim that people shouldn’t be upset about rape jokes because someone somewhere (but not in this post, which is about a completely different subject) made a joke about blackface. Believe it or not, people get to discuss rape and rape jokes in a post about rape jokes and not have some jackass come in and say “But no one is mad about Louis CK using blackface!” because a) plenty of people would be plenty mad should such a post arise, and b) this really still isn’t a post about Louis CK and blackface.

          • 1. Just because the man’s name isn’t in the title doesn’t make the point instantly irrelevant.
            2. I suggested no such thing. You, on the other hand said ” this isn’t racist, it’s just an unfunny joke!”. Quite fitting that your having trouble accepting a correlation between the two, considering this is the exact same argument i would expect from a Tosh defender. “this isn’t misogynistic, its just an unfunny joke!”.
            3. My whole point is that no post has or will ever arise because of this site and the rest of the blogospheres double standards. Even if a post does come now it will be year or so late, yet Daniel Tosh says one thing and people jump on him the same day it happens. I’m just saying that Louis CK fans (This site and 99% of this sites users) have no right in being offended by Tosh’s material when they both invoke the same stuff. And thanks for calling me a jackass. I thought that was real cool of you.

          • You need to brush up your reading comprehension skills. I said that if there WERE a post about Louis CK and blackface and people came in saying “This isn’t racist, it’s just a joke!” then I would be just as critical. Because defending a Louis CK blackface joke by saying it isn’t racist is just as fucked up as defending Daniel Tosh. I have no trouble making a correlation between the two because I already drew that correlation with my original comment. You misread it. Stop being such a fuckwad.

            And I called you a jackass because you’re being one. You are devoting multiple comments to defending a man who used sexualized violence as a tactic to intimidate a woman into shutting up. You’re contributing to an environment and a society that are hostile to me and any other woman/woman-identifying person. That makes you a jackass, no matter what else you think or say, and if you don’t wish to be a jackass, you should stop saying and thinking things like that. Until then, I’m not going to feel the slightest bit guilty for calling you a jackass in response to you not feeling the slightest bit guilty about helping make the world just that much more dangerous and awful for me. Weird.

          • “You need to brush up your reading comprehension skills.”

            Actually, you need to brush up on your writing skills. The way you wrote it, it’s not clear what you’re trying to say. It’s pretty incoherent.

      • You’re only saying it’s not stupid or offensive ENOUGH. Forgive me for being less than comforted.

        • I get what you’re saying. What he said would never come out of my mouth. But I’ve said PLENTY of stupid things that I’ve regretted, and I’m lucky enough to have been forgiven by the offended parties after apologizing. Maybe that’s why I’m able to extend people that same courtesy. Repeat offenders are the ones that I have no sympathy for.

          • Let me break something down for you here: anyone who goes that immediately to “wouldn’t it be funny if five guys raped you right now?” is NOT saying it for the first time. And the people that he’s saying it to in the audience who are laughing and cheering and pointing at the women walking out? Also not their first time. Not their last time. And it won’t ever be their last time as long as people defend and reinforce a culture where that sort of thing is acceptable or funny or even just “not that funny, but I’m not going to skewer the guy for it.”

            And there’s a very marked difference between saying something tone-deaf and accidentally offensive, and deliberately saying something that completely demeans and devalues someone’s worth and safety as a human being and then defending it by saying something worse. Saying stupid shit =/= reinforcing oppressive systems by dismissing them as something worth taking seriously.

          • To piggyback on feministnoise’s excellent points, dudes (usually) making ‘joke’ rape threats against (usually) women is not exactly rare. And it’s not a joke, not really. They may not be intending to carry through on the threat, but it is still a tool to put someone down, threaten them, intimidate them into silence. And we cannot look at this as an isolated incident. Look at the reaction to feminist frequency’s kickstarter.

            Also, jokes are not immune from criticism. He CAN say whatever the fuck he wants, and we can call him out for being both unfunny, trite, and a dick.

    • Yeah. You are welcome on my train to frown city. I have gin we can share, and we can commiserate over this comic which is woefully true


      (This conversation is not about sexism per se, I know, but it is fucking close enough)

      • Can someone tell me why we’re bothering? It’s like these people live in a world where you are either a rapist or not, and anyone who isn’t is fully free from contributing to rape culture. Not exactly a viewpoint with enough nuance to get anywhere…

      • I am going to need a LOT of fucking gin. I hope you have big cups.

        • I have vintage burger king plastic Honey I Shrunk The Kids cups. They are not SUPER HUGE to adults, but they have the added Rick Moranis factor. And for what it’s worth, feministnoise, you have been hitting it out of the park this thread.

        • Is Hendrick’s okay? Do you prefer lemon or cucumber slices or maybe an olive?

        • If this caused you to drink, you have a low tolerance for dissent.

          • Wow. You’re really a shithead. Low tolerance for dissent? Try low tolerance for rape/rape jokes/rape culture/jerks on the internet who insist that they get to set the terms for discussion of something that doesn’t affect them. Go away.

          • Clearly you think you own the tone for this discussion.

          • Oh, the discussion of rape isn’t sweet enough for you? Gee, I’m so very very sorry. Tell me how it should go, Daddy!

            What you are doing is not dissenting, and rape is not a topic that requires dissent, even when it’s “just” rape jokes. What you are doing is defending and derailing, and being a huge jerk to people who have to deal with something every single day and don’t have the luxury that you do of insisting on making a conversation about it academic. If you do not wish to be dismissive, hurtful and offensive to any woman affected by rape (read: all women and woman-identifying people), then you should really sit down and shut up. If you continue, you leave those of us who are affected by it to assume that any meager support you’re willing to give is hollow posturing.

          • Hey, feministnoise. Are you okay?

          • That’s just the thing – all I hear is you screaming at me. Clearly you have a profound experience with something to do with this. I’m sorry if I’ve dredged up something bad. But I have to disagree with you – my sister, mom, and wife have not been affected by rape. If you are making some cosmic metaphor, then yes. But your reality is not what is experienced by all women. Experience colors your life. For me, anytime a jock or buff guy talks down to me, it reminds me of being bullied and jumped when I was a kid. Even though now I’m a buff guy. So when you talk down to me and act all condescending, I’m not going to go out of my way not to piss you off. It would be great if you would impart some of your experience – we understand each other better that way.

          • Hey, chriskc80, see me down below for this discussion?

          • Yeah, this is the part where you stop fucking talking, pal. No one has to package their feelings about rape and rape culture prettily for you so you don’t feel bad about hearing it. All women are subject to rape culture, whether they are aware of it or not. Your experience with being picked on is not the same as women being told for the entirety of their lives that they need to not wear revealing clothing, not flirt, not talk to strangers, not wear ponytails that can be grabbed, not walk alone, not change their minds about having sex with someone, not basically fucking exist. The only bad thing you’ve dredged up for me is the reminder that I have to exist in a world that is largely hostile to me and all other women, in addition to people of color, people who are gay, bi, trans, queer, people who are disabled, etc. etc. And I get reminders of that every day, so it’s not so much you dredging something up as reinforced the same old shit and I don’t feel any need to soften that so you don’t feel screamed at. You don’t want to be screamed at? Don’t lead with “What do you want us to DO about this?” and follow that up with “people say stupid things!” and “he was only dealing with a heckler!” and “why can’t you give him another chance?” and “it’s not like he’s Chris Brown!” For you, this conversation is done as soon as you close your browser window. Some of us aren’t so lucky. And not only do we have to live in a society that really fucking hates us and wants to hurt us a lot of the time, we also have to prove to “good guys” that society really fucking hates us and wants to hurt us a lot of the time in the first place. Funny how that doesn’t engender a lot of patience or put us in the mood to mollycoddle.

            And if your wife and sister and mother would say that they aren’t affected by any of this, then you’re asking the wrong questions.

          • That’s fine. Clearly we have had zero similar life experiences. I understand your venom. I was lucky enough to come out as bisexual to my sister and my wife this year and they were cool with it. My mom told me she wanted to throw up and said she worried about my soul. I still love her, but her reality is not my reality. I’ve come out to a few of my guy friends too, but I simply can’t to others. Not even gonna try my dad. Life has shitty things.

          • I’m not conflating being bi with being raped. Lord knows I’m not. But knowing you were different from the time you were 13 to holding it in to 32 is fucking dreadful. I didn’t want to bring this up earlier because I didn’t want to be accused of throwing some sort of manufactured “cred” around. When those bullies were accusing me of being a fag they were half right. I wish that I was either gay or straight. It would make everything so much easier. I love my wife with all my soul because she is my best friend and she’s crazy attractive and an amazing person. I can’t wait to start a family with her. And yes I was raised Catholic. I was an alter boy and wanted to be a priest until I was 18. I’m still a devout Christian because I believe that my God is love and Jesus hung with the most (at that time) deplorable aspects of society. I just don’t need a church anymore to tell me I’m not normal. I don’t know where this is going. I’m just saying that I don’t condemn all those Southern Baptists for their views – even though they would hate me. They are just ignorant and not experiencing the same reality that I am. Feministnoise – I’m truly sorry if I hurt you.

          • Wow – some vindictive downvoting there. Okay.

  35. I’m not going to defend anything that came out of the front of Tosh’s head. Because I don’t agree with him. But to act like silencing a heckler is a crime against humanity is insane. Go after the content of his words, not the mere fact that he was trying to get someone to stop talking. Man or woman, comedy show or YoYo Ma performance, if you start screaming at the stage, someone is going to “silence” you. Be it the person on stage themselves or security.

    • I guess I’m also just not understanding what the desired end-game is here either. Because he made an offensive joke that means he’s pro rape, always and forever? Should he be removed from society and made to do hard labor?

      • The desired end game is being able to say that his “joke” was unfunny and supportive of rape culture. Why is this confusing to you? Do we need to have you look up derailing? How is “okay, but what do you want us to DO about it?” an acceptable response to people finding rape jokes hostile and unfunny? Do you think they’re hostile and unfunny? Okay, then, stop arguing in their favor!

        • His joke was extremely unfunny, and directly supporting of rape culture. But to attack anyone not willing to march on the gates, is sort of simplistic. “You’re either a part of the solution, or part of the problem.” is not a platform for mindful discussion.

          • Thanks for your oh-so-helpful efforts to define the discussion. I’ll totally take those under consideration. Except oh wait, no I won’t, because no one’s attacked anyone “not willing to march on the gates” because that’s not something people have been clamoring for. No one has really asked for action or criticized people who won’t take it. They’ve been saying these are shit “jokes” and he’s a shit person, and then responding to those defending him with “but some people are shittier!” and “can’t we just move on?”

            Mindful discussion. Give me a break. You are backing a really fucking weird horse here and you should stop. Preferably after “His joke was extremely unfunny, and directly supporting of rape culture.” because that was really all you needed to say. There is no “but” in this scenario. I mean, you are arguing more forcefully that people are reacting wrongly than you are that what he said was wrong. Is that really something you’re comfortable with?

          • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

          • Oh, so you’re only against rape if no one’s aggravating about it? Cool. You seem like a cool guy.

          • High-five feministnoise. You rock.

          • Oh no, I’ll always be against rape, I just wouldn’t come to your meeting about it. Your overly simplistic and antagonizing take on society is not ever going to advance a societal discussion. Change doesn’t come from the fringes, it comes from the center. And you’re scoffing at the center in favor of fist pumping and militaristic rhetoric. You have no reason to believe me because this is the internet, but I date a woman who identifies as feminist, and I work at a holistic retreat center. I’m an activist. I’m not the enemy. In fact I’m actively trying not to be an enemy to a cause that should be fundamental. But just because I’m not in step with every condescending war cry, you view me as someone who is AS bad as someone who supports the act of rape. You don’t seem to get that how you voice the message is also important. You might get some upvotes, but good luck having a meaningful discussion with someone who doesn’t already agree with you. Because in this instance, I do agree with you, and we can’t even have that discussion.

          • Eric a feminist is simply someone (man or woman) who believes that women should have equal rights. I learned that in college AKA: the learning place. I get the point that people being overly emotional about this may be a turn off to you but rape is an inherently emotional subject.

          • That you’ve tried to leverage your girlfriend as some kind of feminist cred in an internet discussion is truly the final nail in a really sad coffin. Should you ever find yourself on the wrong side in a discussion of race, be sure to bring up all of your friends who are POC, too.

        • It was unfunny and not supportive of rape culture.

          • Oh, fuck you asshole. Do you get a kick out of it? I love that you are denying rape culture and acting smug as fuck about it, while having a symbol of masculine aggression as your avatar. It’s great that you can pretend that all rapists are obvious women-haters who only rape in the horrible, dramatic, stranger violence sense, instead of accepting that a rape culture that makes “joking” about a crowd gang-raping a random woman is a culture that allows people to think its okay to get a woman trashed and rape her, to be a boyfriend who thinks that consent is always and ever present.

            You tell me I’m on a soapbox because I’m willing to say anything against rape culture and you’d rather pretend it isn’t there so you can feel okay. Fuck you.

          • Clearly the whiskey is kicking in but not the DS9.

            But still: Fuck you, asshole.

          • My avatar is because I think Stallone is a funny, shriveled relic of Reagan-era culture.

          • What part of me is being smug? I’ve tried to calmly state my dissenting opinion on this. Find me a fuck you asshole in this whole thread. My whole opinion is based around stating that we should educate this guy and not demonize him. Your experience of “culture” sounds like a nightmare that is waiting to crash in on any woman that walks out of her house: “a culture that allows people to think its okay to get a woman trashed and rape her, to be a boyfriend who thinks that consent is always and ever present.” I see no distinction in awfulness between stranger rape and this. And are you implying I share this thinking?

          • Yeah, maybe I have a different experience with rape culture than you do, and maybe that has led me to have a different opinion than you, shared by other people on this thread, and maybe it would do you good to learn from that. But if it’s easier, and I know it is, you can ignore it.

          • Ptsmith – I want to learn. Can I give you a quick anecdote. I have a friend who is a staunch feminist. When she was growing up, her dad used to get drunk and take her along in his car to his cheating escapades. He would literally make her wait in the car while he went and fucked around on her mom. Then when she was 18, to top it all off, she was raped. Understandably, her view on men is somewhat distrustful. So when she tells me I am a born misogynist because I was born into patriarchal culture, and it’s not something I purposefully did, but it’s something I have to undo, I shut my fucking mouth. Then there’s my wife. She grew up in an idyllic family with an absolute gem of a father. Seriously, sometimes I love the guy more than my own. And now she is married to me, and I worship the ground she walks on. Who do you think is going to be more attuned to rape culture? I’m trying to say that I agree with all of you to a certain extent – I just think that the animosity has been taken a little to extreme to the offense at hand. Come to think of it, I change my opinion that this was not supportive of rape culture. It totally is.

          • I honestly don’t think any of us were expressing animosity. It was more people speaking from hurt, people who have in some way realized they were living in a rape culture.

            I think maybe you are missing the point at hand though. Listen, I can’t really find jokes about rape funny, but I don’t hold it against people who can. My friend and boss does and I had a conversation with him about it. I told him I didn’t condemn him for it, didn’t hold it against him, but that I would if he told them around me after I told him how I felt. He listened to that.

            There are comediens who make jokes about rape that I can understand people laughing at. My objection here is that he was saying rape jokes are always funny. My objection here is that when someone raised their voice against his jokes he had multiple options, one including apologizing, one including shutting her, a “heckler,” down in many ways, but he chose a hateful, violent, terrifying, triggering, rape-culture supporting way to do so. That is what people are objecting to, and you and others have been defending that, so honestly, participating in a culture that makes many forms of rape acceptable. Do you see how that would make some of us want some gin or whiskey?

          • Yeah, I can see that. I think the thing I wasn’t separating was the joke about rape – which has been told ad infinitum from time immemorial – to his treatment of the girls. I also have a tendency to go against lynch-wagons, which I thought was going strong right out of the gate. It’s a lot different when you’ve personally experienced something. So I’m sorry if I came off as insensitive – I deal with so many pompous, self-righteous hipsters in my neighborhood that espouse all these ideals but just do coke and live off of trust funds. I think I was coming from a “those fucking hipsters” place and not one where victims actually exist.

          • Fireworks for understanding?!!

          • Psshewwwww— BOOM!

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  36. Well, what was she wearing?

  37. Well, it’s not like he bit the face off a cat or anything.

  38. This may make me more unpopular but here i go:

    Zach G once said that we all get too PC now. When I sit in a group of friends i HAVE to listen to the same ‘don’t like it dont go to comedy’ with regards to the word retarded or jokes purely at the expense of disabled people. I work for and have family that are deeply hurt AND embarassed by the choice of that word in jokes cause they are there and they are retarded as well.

    you can ”not mean retarded like that’ or ‘its not about disability’ or whatever. but its the EXACT same thing as the word FAG 7-10 years ago…So while people debate what is acceptable at comedy and what is not and by whom i think of this. Its the same thing about Louis making a joke about rape and the difference when TOSH does.

    I don’t think its right or really okay that TOSH made the joke, but i wasnt there – I do find humor at the expense of minorities or victims pretty cheap – its just jumping for shock and can’t really stand up over time shock because subdued with time.

    I think what does need to happen is for people to complain – its why i love videogum actually. It’s your jokes, and her club, and my money – and this ‘if you don’t like it don’t go to comedy clubs (you slut in that whore dress asking for rape jokes)’ attitude is accepted then why i am paying?

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  40. This is probably why you hate Daniel Tosh: http://jonathan-cunningham.tumblr.com/post/27128556858/in-2011-daniel-tosh-aired-an-actual-rape-on-his-show

    I apologize if someone posted that already. This thread is so long! Which probably means people are arguing about this. Which probably means UGH.

  41. Daniel Tosh is an offensive comedian, but as someone who finds him funny, I think it is a shame that people have been spreading this story so vehemently. While I agree that this story is quite shocking and terrible, it seems as though the events that occurred aren’t exactly as this anonymous lady has laid out.


    Reading what the manager had to say completely changes the contexts of his joke. As for the stomach touching bit… those females work with Daniel, and he has openly talked about how he hires his good friends (who are probably more used to his gross humor).

    Seems people take offense too quickly these days… he may seem like an awful person to you, but as a female, I find him hilarious. There really isn’t much he won’t tackle, and in a society that tiptoes around controversial issues, he goes in without bias.

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