It’s hard to put any qualifications on videos of tiny babies playing musical instruments as if they were talented adults on account of how they are ALL PERFECT, but I think we might all agree that, if were were to attempt to judge them there would be a few different elements of perfection to look out for, and they would be as follows:

  1. Silly faces while nailing more challenging parts of the song.
  2. The suggested idea of being “self-taught,” even if you, as a viewer, don’t really believe it because give me a break.
  3. An air of not really seeming like you even know where you are, because you are a baby.
  4. Tiny body.

Congratulations to this child for just nailing it in all the different agreed upon areas. You really did it. 30 minutes of extra TV time tonight. (Via DailyPicks.)

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  1. I love this kid, he is perfect, but I send no compliments to his mother for the name “Jaxon.”

    • I know, right? It’s as though he was the outcome of a Stupid Name-Off.

      Person 1: “My child’s first name will be somebody else’s last name!”

      Person 2: “Yeah, well, that plus it will be spelled incorrectly!”

  2. I’d rather see this kid in the Independence Day sequel rather than one of Will & Jada’s kids! JUST SAYYINN.

  3. from a person who’s been playing the drums twice as long as this guy has been alive, gotta say he’s off to one hell of a start.

  4. This is an amazing boy. If I ever get grandkids, I’m buying them all drum kits with matching sticks. And glasses whether they need them or not.

  5. My first big purchase with money I earned was a drum set (in high school). Sad to say, I never got anywhere near this good. This kid is impressive.

  6. You forgot to mention the 6th element of perfection: A runny nose.

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