So everyone is twittering (the 2007 definition) about how the one good thing about the economic crisis is that California is seriously considering making pot legal (like legal-legal, wink wink) so they can tax it. Fox News hosted a debate today between a surprisingly articulate pro-legalization-advocate and the Sparkle Motion mom from Donnie Darko:

Of course, everything the legalization guy said was right and everything the lady said was wrong, and she got twice the air time, the last word, and even time to fill with mutterings, but it is Fox News after all. Think of all the great TV shows we’d have if pot was legal-legal in California! The first half of Pineapple Express: The Movie: The TV Show, replacing Grey’s Anatomy. Dude.

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  1. I especially loved the tone of the anchor as if he was implying some unspoken punchline whenever he said something like “They want to regulate this stuff…JUST LIKE ALCOHOL.” As if the reasons for not legalizing it so obviously overwhelm those for legalizing it that’s it’s almost not worth even doing the segment because DRUGS. Duh.

    That lady is unbelievably your girlfriend. “Well if you think legalizing marijuana will make the cartels go away, there will still be so many. I know about drug cartels because in here in Wyoming they are everywhere. So why even bother trying.”

    Also interesting that they didn’t go into what “additional expenses” legalizing marijuana might entail. Faux News!

  2. harrison  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2009 -33

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  3. I loved the lady’s rationale for keeping marijuana illegal: It California legalizes it, then the Mexican drug cartels will be PISSED, and we don’t wanna piss them off, they’re dangerous!

  4. I am trying to imagine how exactly the cartels would react? Would they attack the stores selling marijuana or just jump individuals in the street and force them to buy the cartel’s marijuana.

  5. That really needs to happen in California, like tomorrow.

  6. If you click your heels together and say “Fair and balanced” over and over, eventually you will be transported back to Kansas.

  7. I wonder how the government could regulate marijuana… Can’t people just grow it themselves? I feel like while the idea of “regulating” marijuana is a great idea for making a hypothetical argument for legalizing it, it’s not all too plausible. Also, it’s not like marijuana is expensive at the moment. And you don’t have to go to some cleverly concealed bar with fliparound walls hiding giant barrels labeled “XXX” to get your marijuana. It’s for sale on every block in Brooklyn. We’ve already shown that we can’t stop it from being imported at all. Why would people be psyched to get taxed pot from the government instead of from their favorite dealer?

    • we don’t care about the tax, we care about it being LEGAL— for how much bull shit it is that makes it illegal, is why we want legal weed— I can finally not be the only one over 20 in the theater for Monsters vs Aliens laughing or I can finally have fun at MOMA without getting hassled and finally FINALLY plane travel will be comfortable legally… plus people are still ganna sell it on the street. Also, “Weeds” probably covered all this legal vs street in season 1… anyway, “it’s not like marijuana is expensive at the moment”- do you get the good stuff/can you hook a brother up/I am a cop

      • Hm, you took legal weed and spun it into “I can go to movies with kids and smoke and have a great time.” Just because it would be hypothetically legal doesn’t mean that it will be available for use everywhere. You can’t smoke cigarettes on planes, in museums, or movie theaters already. You would most likely be required to use marijuana in the privacy of your home.

        Also, in reply to the other post about brewing your own alcohol… The government restricts the volume you can brew. I guess they would do the same thing with growing marijuana? My understanding of growing marijuana is that it takes considerably less effort than brewing beer. My friend in Chicago actually does brew his own beer, so I I know that it’s possible, though tricky, and one of my dad’s neighbors brewed beer in his basement and found it so enjoyable that he moved to Israel to open a bar. I guess you’re saying that the government’s stuff would be of a greater quality than that which can be found on the street, and for sale at a lower price… I still believe that people would immediately grow their own stuff to avoid paying the government prices. If not every person, then enough people to spoil the bunch.

        • Most people smoke marijuana not to smoke marijuana, but they smoke marijuana to be high. High on marijuana. To get high. High. Iwouldlegallyallowedtobehigh. As for going to places, if they don’t discriminate against someone who is high- we will unify as one and boycott these people and eventually elect the first high president (44th high president). If people have been high in museums and theaters when it was illegal, of course they are going to be there when its legal… just to go the watchmen opening at Imax and see. Also, the plane one was a stretch, you get that one.

          • I know most people smoke marijuana to be high. I don’t begrudge anyone their high. I drink plenty to get mellow. Thanks for the plane. I think that the weed is innocuous but the people who sell it are often violent, and have been importing millions of pounds of marijuana every year for half a century now. It has continued even in the post-9/11 world of heightened national security. I think that believing that the government can simply make it legal and watch the marijuana czars go bankrupt is a fantasy. I have no problem with you getting high. I’m just saying that that argument is either ill-informed or insincere.

    • jdar  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2009 +4

      People can also brew their own alcohol. However, the cost, time, and knowledge required to do so usually limits brewing to those who do it as a hobby. For the rest of the population, it’s simply easier, cheaper, and faster to make a liquor store run.

  8. bryan  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2009 +3

    Yeah, the legalization guy got the same amount of air time, if not more. Not to mention the fact that they have people debating on whether it’s a bad idea or not is TOTALLY RIGHT WING OMG as opposed to actually balanced. Because it is. -1000 points for me.

    • Daniel  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2009 +2

      It would be balanced if the the woman said anything that wasn’t a complete lie. Nothing she said in her first answer is accurate, and her second answer is completely illogical. Because they placed misleading and inaccurate information on the same level as logical, empirically grounded information makes it unbalanced.

      • bryan  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2009 +4

        It’s a person’s opinion on something, you could call the other guy’s answer illogical when he said it would make it harder for kids to get a hold of it. The problem is if you’re biased one way or the other you’re always going to assume that you’re correct and nothing can change your mind about it. So even if the woman’s argument was perfectly logical and you couldn’t argue with it, you’d call her the mom from Sparkle Motion and hahaha it would be clever and people would still see it as a stupid argument. Just like if Barack Obama were to do something completely ridiculous, half of the democrats would continue to suck his dick and say he’s the best thing to happen to this country, despite them making fun of republicans for doing the same thing. I just think it’s ridiculous the hypocrisy of some people. “LOOK HOW STUBBORN THEY ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE! THEY ARE ALL THE SAME! GOOD THING WE ARE SO ACCEPTING AS LIBERALS!”

        • jdar  |   Posted on Feb 26th, 2009 +3

          The world’s not like that anymore. It’s 2009. We have a black president. Positive outlooks! People are out there every day, playing ping pong, painting, exercising, and yes, forming and changing their opinions rationally.

          Anyway it doesn’t change the fact that what the female guest said was almost nothing but lies and idiocy.

  9. vinny  |   Posted on Mar 3rd, 2009 -1

    So let me just hit the weed real quick and analyze this. Okay its like this; my name is Vincent and Im 23 years old. I smoke weed every day and am proud to admit it. Im also proud to say that im not an alcoholic nor am i any kind of junkie. Im a stoner and i love it and any person who thinks that they are better than me because i use drugs i challenge you to call me my number is 916 370 4192, see im not scared to stand up for what i beleive in, and if every pothead in california stood together than these old time assholes who are 94% likely to have been drunk at 1 point in their life or another will feel the youngsters of america in their full force. So im going to sit back, turn my music up, burn some weed, eat a little, and continue to ponder the stupidity of old time laws in a NEW america. Put it in the air stoners stay high

  10. Another win in the fight for legal weed think. It should be obvious to anyone with a brain her responses and reasoning were flawed. Almost every debate I have seen ends up like this. It?s almost like watching a debate between religion and science, there is always a clear winner who has more logic.

  11. Another win in the fight for legal weed I think. It should be obvious to anyone with a brain her responses and reasoning were flawed. Almost every debate I have seen ends up like this. It?s almost like watching a debate between religion and science, there is always a clear winner who has more logic.

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