Between Anderson Cooper and Frank Ocean, a lot of people have been openly discussing their homosexuality in the past couple of weeks. Well, at least those two people. I mean, other people for sure, too, but those are just civilians so WHO CARES. These are big time celebs! (If you actually want to keep score, the Frank Ocean announcement was even more “important,” considering how the hip hop community is just toxic with homophobia–one need only look to Frank Ocean’s own pals in Odd Future for a recent example. So to make that kind of statement and pull public Tumblr support from Beyonce and Jay-Z might “mean more” than the dude everyone kind of figured was gay who hosts his own daytime talk show about “Summer Foods That Are Fun To Throw Off A Pontoon Boat” or whatever. But don’t keep score, guys. It’s weird to do and a little bit gross!) Anyway, amidst all of this activity, former talk show host Star Jones has FINALLY broken her LEGENDARY SILENCE about what she casually dismisses as a publicity stunt. From ONTD:

[Anderson Cooper is] a daytime talk show host and when the rating slip in daytime, the hosts tend to tell you lots of things about them. I remember Oprah said she smoked crack, Oprah said she was pregnant at 14 and considered suicide … There [are] times when you generate information for ratings.

Oh fuuuuuuuuuuck you, Star Jooooooones! If you live in a stomach-stapled-botox house, don’t throw insecurity stones! What an asshole. Then again, this is actually not as bad as the time right after the Indian Ocean tsunami, back when Star Jones was still on national television and America was still pretending like her opinions on things had value, when she explained that she had actually been in the region devastated by the tsunami just a few days before, and that God had blessed her to allow her to take her first class flight home before the tsunami hit killing 230,000 people, none of whom were as BLESSED as this glorious creature. God hated those 230,000 people but He loved his little lamb! Well, not so little back then, not yet, this was pre-surgery, but soon she would just be perfect. And now she is. American treasure.

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  1. Something something your ex-husband was allegedly gay something something sold your wedding something lap band surgery something.

  2. “I mean, if he wanted attention and ratings so badly, why didn’t he just buy a GOOP tshirt?” -star jones & gwyneth paltrow over brunch

  3. A publicity stunt like her marriage to Al Reynolds? No. That was totally legit.

  4. What a tool. Star Jones, you, ma’am, are a tool.

  5. [Star Jones is] a former daytime talk show host and when their relevance slips, the former hosts tend to latch on to other things in an attempt to remain in the public consciousness. I remember when she went on Celebrity Apprentice and finished 5th or when she came on The View as a guest to create some kind of “moment” … There [are] times when you court spectacle for relevance.

  6. I keep following the story back, but I can’t find where and to whom she said this. Was it Clutch magazine? (Also, Clutch magazine is not about cars? Weird?)

  7. I mean, she’s maybe right, right? I generally assume anything that a celebrity does is for ratings and/or recognition. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. A step forward is a step forward, no matter what the reason behind it was.

    • She’s totally right (probably). But is being so inappropriate and like Gabe said “people in a stomach-stapled-botox house…” So now she got the attention she wanted.

      • I think the worst part was “generate information for ratings”. It’s one thing to accuse someone of deciding “today I am going to reveal this true fact about myself, in order to get more attention”. However, the use of the word generate seems to imply that AC is only claming to be gay, or that Oprah made up her crack smoking, just to reveal something shocking to the public.

        To imply that they ‘overshared’ in an attempt to garner attention is one thing, but to imply they are making shit up is another step altogether. She may not have picked her words properly, but that is probably the worst part of her statement.

    • If he’s going for publicity, there are more notable ways to do it than permitting Andrew Sullivan to publish a personal e-mail.

  8. When Tracy Morgan played Star Jones on SNL I wonder if he knew they would someday share the honor of saying ignorant, homophobic nonsense.

    “I’m an asshole”- Tracy Morgan, Star Jones and Tracy Morgan AS Star Jones

  9. I didn’t need to read any of the article, the title “Oh Shut Up Star Jones” is all that needs to said about Star Jones ever.

    I’m glad I ignored that and skimmed to the line “Summer foods that are fun to throw off a pontoon boat” which read immediately to me as “Summer fun on a Poontang boat,” which is what I’m naming my next album, and yes thanks for asking, it’s self-titled.

  10. In her defense, she is a terrible person who says stupid things.

  11. Wow…I missed the Frank Ocean news…that is super awesome/courageous!

  12. The Odd Future thing is interesting. As homophobic as some of their lyrics/tweets are, they now have two openly gay members of their group, and have been very supportive of both of them. They’ve also said over and over again that they have no problem with people being gay, they just use the words.

    I’m not saying that it’s right or ok to use words like they do, but I do think its an interesting situation.

  13. I should stop looking at her boobs in that pic, but I can’t. Why are they so far apart? And why is the skin in between them a completely different color!

    • Right?!? I mean I know a lot of her is probably made out of plastic at this point. But it looks like they weren’t even trying with her chest

      Nurse: errr, Doctor? All we have left is this rigid piece of textured plastic, like something you would make toys with.
      Doctor: ehhhhh, melt it into a boob shape and slap it on her chest. $1,000,000 please!

  14. She can say this to like, a friend, in private, over a drink, for gossip funsies, but did she call up this magazine for this ridiculous interview or what? I don’t think they called her.

  15. I’m really worried about E.T., you guys.

  16. Channel Orange is out today! A week early on iTunes! It’s Frank Ocean’s album. I’m sure you knew all of that already, it’s just that….IT’S REALLY GREAT!

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