• Over the weekend, Christopher Nolan put his hands and feet in cement outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. He is only the 8th director to ever be asked to participate in this thing, and also the youngest! Congratulations to Christopher Nolan on having lived the best day of his life. -Deadline
  • Fred Armisen has taken a vow of silence in the most recent episode of “The Front Desk,” and you should watch it because it is very good and you will like it and I promise. -AboveAverage
  • Here is an interesting piece on Marc Maron and how it is to act as every comedian’s therapist. I think it would be great. Is it great, Marc Maron? How do you do it? -Vulture
  • Movieline gathered together questions asked of Sam Raimi after the release of his Spider-Man and his responses, along with the responses to the same questions after they were asked recently of Marc Webb. Let me know if U don’t get it. -Movieline
  • Do you like Aziz Ansari? If you like Aziz Ansari, President Obama would like you to register to vote and then vote for President Obama. THX. -HyperVocal
  • Over the weekend, a 13-minute featurette for Dark Knight Rises was released. Watch it here and then read through their talking points. Finally! Something to talk about! -TheWeek
  • Scarlett Johansson has been offered $20 million to reprise her role as Black Widow in the second Avengers film. If only WE were all Scarlett Johansson. We could afford such a nice vacation! -HuffingtonPost
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  1. Are you telling me that the new Spider-Man movie was directed by a guy named Marc WEBB? Is that what you’re trying to tell me right now? Come on. And we’re all just going to act as if that isn’t totally crazy? WEBB!

  2. You guys I finally saw The Avengers yesterday. If anyone else has not seen it yet but is pretty sure they better because so many of our fellow Americans have raved about it — my advice is just put up a Scarlett Johansson screensaver for the afternoon and take a nap.

    • you didnt care for it either?

      • Weird, I saw it too (mostly to escape the insane heat THAT I AM NOT CAPABLE OF ENDURING WITHOUT COMPLAINING IN HYPERBOLE).

        What was the point of all that CGI? Half of the movie was a fake fight scene that seemed to drag on for a very long time. Quit it with the CGI. If you’re going to make a 2.5 hour movie, pace it better than quip, computer-generated monsters fight things, quip, monsters fight again and again, the end. Even the good quips felt stale after awhile because they were just a quick break to get us ready for more CGI.

        Also and unrelated: could somebody please turn down the sun?

      • It was totally average, Winwood, except in terms of length. Did a couple of nice things — but it’s 2.5 hours, so it BETTER do a couple nice things, right? I liked how old-fashioned Captain America was, and how Black Widow interrogated people, and the Hulk grabbing [SPOILER ALERT] Loki — there, that was 19 minutes. Coulda done something else with the remaining 131 minutes.

        • I concur. Those were a wonderful 19 minutes.

          • I walked out around the 2 hour mark, when Samuel L. Jackson is pretending to shoot a CGI bazooka at a CGI jpeg of a fighter jet plane. I walked outside, the sunlight that was real reflected off of various real surfaces and real human beings with their real children and their real pets, listening to real music in a real park. I can’t begrudge the success of the Avenger movie but that stuff is just not for me, totes obvs.

          • I saw it because I am pretty sure that same sun gave me sun stroke. :(

  3. Scarlett Johansson is finally making Jim-Carrey-Cable-Guy money from 16 years ago! That’s awesome. I’m so happy for her.

  4. The Front Desk was very funny and I liked it! That Fred Armisen is really good at physical comedy! Lutz!

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