It’s important to take some time out during the day, every day — even if it is just about a minute — to focus on your health and wellbeing. Be good to yourself. (Via UniqueDaily.)

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  1. I’ve heard Sting can hold that pose for hours at a time.

  2. :’( Wait, I think that’s Packy’s new landlady.

  3. The three most important things to consider when you want to catch a snowflake: Location, Location, Location.

  4. I’m just worried for that lei! Those beautiful flowers are going to get crushed in the first movement through a sun salutation!

  5. What sound does lion make?


  6. She’s wearing Lady Sybil’s pants.

  7. That face is how i feel! MONDAYS!!! GARFIELD!!

  8. Thank you Kelly. I’m taking the bar exam in 2 weeks and I really needed a new stress reliever to keep me from completely losing it.

  9. Someone needs to make a gif, with sound if possible, of this lady making that face and the bespectacled nazi from Raiders when his face is melting. Or not. But maybe?

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