People always used to judge you for your lack of skill with women. “Hey, where’s your girlfriend?” they’d ask. “Oh yeah, YOU DON’T HAVE ONE AND NEVER WILL.” They’d interrupt, laughing, before you could even muster a response. Kids can be so heartless, and so, so dumb. Those were rough and lonely days, for sure, but who’s the one laughing now? Huh? Who’s the one laughing now, with the super hot perfect girlfriend modelled after the immensely popular anime popstar Hatsune Miku, whom you can see and interact with in reality after hacking some sort of Kinect something or other and putting on some sort of nerd goggles? A girlfriend who lets you pat her on the head and move her tie around and PROBABLY OTHER (GROSS) THINGS? You. You are the one with the anime girlfriend with whom you can slightly interact with in reality. You are the one laughing now. Those guys had no idea that the guy they were messing with was such a stud.

You love her and, more importantly, she loves you back. Even when you hit her on the head in a way that is more than slightly disconcerting, since the title of this video is “Date with Hatsune Miku in Augmented Reality environment.” But nevermind that. Just another way people don’t “GET” your relationship. This is for you two to enjoy, and for goodness’ sake, you’re going to enjoy it. (Via Neatorama.)

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  1. I feel like I just caught a terrifying glimpse into the mind of the world’s loneliest man.

  2. well, that’s creepy.

  3. I can’t wait to take my girlfriend to a soccer game on our next date. We’re going to have so much fun.

  4. Lars and the !!!!KAWAII GIRL SUPER IMPACT!!!!!

  5. omg, her walking towards the screen is so creepy

  6. That’s our next President??

  7. If you’re on a date with an anime popstar, shouldn’t you take her someplace more impressive than a park? I feel like maybe you should be riding unicorns over rainbows and then stopping at a cafe perched in a cloud to eat cupcakes and root beer floats served by cuddly talking dogs.

  8. the Internet: the Canada of the 21st century

  9. Something tells me they are still laughing at you…

  10. So…they strapped the Kinect thingy to the nerd goggles and she appeared?

  11. Did anyone else notice the guy hits her in THE KITCHEN? What the f Japan.

    Also, giant Cartman in the city.

  12. Sorry, guys, I think all of us that watched this are going to die in 7 days.

    • But is a life really worth living if you can’t freely maintain a totally healthy and normal relationship with a prepubescent hologram of what looks completely like a real girl not at all unlike a very real girl certainly not some sort of Japanese demon girl from my nightmares?

  13. REALLY? Of all the places to take your augmented reality girlfriend on a date, you had to pick a PLAYGROUND?

  14. Hahahahaha, you met your girlfriend while playing Tron.

  15. I loved her back when she was only a body pillow.

  16. I remember a couple years ago there was a story making the rounds about a dying resort town that made a comeback by catering specifically to Japanese men and their video game girlfriends. It was immensely sad and disgusting, and adding a hologram to the package doesn’t help.

  17. You know, when I first saw that image, I thought she had bat-wings. I was like “Cool, an augmented reality girlfriend with bat-wings, now I can dump my real life girlfriend and live the dream!”

    However, I see now she just has weird hair, not only is that not as cool, but my girlfriend changes her hair all the time! You lose, augmented reality girlfriend!

  18. Virtual popstars are so crazy. I remember watching Macross Plus in high school with all the world head-over-heels for the virtual A.I. popstar ‘Sharon Apple,’

    who then eventually takes control of an A.I. jet and starts destroying shit, and I was like, “Fake pop-stars? That’s hilarious.” Now it’s not so funny. Not at all. Pull up, Japan! PULL UP!!!!

    (Fun fact: The English dub voice talent for the protagonist fighter pilot Isamu was none other than LEE STONE, aka BRYAN CRANSTON!)

  19. Maybe if Pixar and Apple made her/it.

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