This is what is Funkmaster Flex and/or Cipha Sounds would call a “Friday miracle.” KRISPY KREEEEEEEME! So dope. Fuck James. Real bikes. #GETKREMED

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  1. How does this only have 301 views when Call Me Maybe has 85 million views?

  2. I am sorry Beastie Boys Sabotage but you are no longer the best cop hip hop video

  3. “It’s hard to make money here” – says the guy with more money than Jay-Z? He seems to be doing alright

  4. Who steals a bike and then RUNS away? Man, James deserves to get caught. This video is TO BE CONTINUED, I hope.

  5. I love this so much. I can’t wait to get home and watch with the sound on.

  6. the “ironic” part of my enjoyment of Krispy Kreme lessens with each video.

    • Me too! Which is funny because it is certainly supposed to have an ironic undercurrent. Think, “an 8-year-old makes rap videos.” BUT, and now I’m going to be blowing some minds so I’ll go ahead and back away from the computer screen, the kid’s real name is Tyler Cassidy, and he was the valedictorian at his HS in Flint, Michigan. KABLAM! MONDAY! TRUTH!

      One of his *real* rap songs:

  7. YOU GUYS: “Mike said if he this comment gets 200 thumbs up he will rap in the next video”!!! Everyone go thumbs up the comment what are you waiting for god damn it hurry up!!!

  8. I really like the realism when he crashes the go cart at full speed into the telephone pole. Top notch stunt work!

  9. Multiple revenue streams are key to any organized crime syndicate. Distribute cocaine AND steal bikes. Boss.

  10. watch where you’re driving, Krispy!!

  11. This kid is an American treasure.

  12. i get toooooo excited for krispy kreme. Is he single? do we think he is single?

  13. The shooting and editing in this video is really pretty good at times! Whoever shot this deserves to know better musicians.

  14. Does this music video lead into season 5 of Breaking Bad?

  15. I dig how KK is apparently investigating the shit out of AFLAC and, with his bad-ass ADDING MACHINE!!!! Kremolos and Kremelettes, UP!! (but as my husband points out, AFLAC and are about money, so he messes with them all)

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