In a man-bites-dog case of the UK remaking OUR shows, Law And Order: UK premiered this week to great ratings on ITV in Britain. The opening sequence, first “discovery of the body” scene, and credits are both familiar and bizarro (“District Attorneys” are now “Crown Prosecutors” who wear wigs, and no cha-chun!):

If you’re like me, you couldn’t wait to see if one of the detectives made a wry, morbid joke about the dead person at the end of the first scene. And we weren’t disappointed! You can watch the entire episode here for the next 28 days. (Is it just me or does it seem smarter than our Law And Orders? And not just because of the accents!)

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  1. lara  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2009 +5

    L&O is nothing without “chung chung – doo doo doo doo dooo!”

  2. What did they say at the end? Was that ET or a black baby? **SO CONFUSED** I need subtitles.

  3. Hey, it’s Lee Adama!

  4. Was that a dog?

  5. This is not L&O. There’s no doink doink.

  6. Jaime Fucking Bamber?!? This show will be amazing unless they make him wear a fat suit.

  7. Bamber’s American accent is so good that his natural speaking voice sounds weirdly put on to me. It’s like some sort of music hall, “Tut tut, tally-ho, the Queen’s knickers!” too-British British accent.


    Also, where are your professional bomb squads, England???

  8. When that close up picture of him came up of him during the credits montage, I was like, “oh God, what self-righteous horse is Lee Adama beating to death this time?” It appears to be a gut reflex.

  9. Laura  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2009 +1

    Ok, I have watched the entire episode and I am here to tell you that it is BAD. Like, CSI: Miami bad. Like, at one point someone says, “I love the smell of bravery in the evening” bad. Like, at one point someone asks a guy who is doing some scummy thing “How do you sleep at night?” and he answers “In a gorgeous handmade bed” bad. Don’t watch this without hard liquor handy.

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