Vote for Tyrion Lannister for WHAT? Shit doesn’t even make any sense. This is like a Friday Night Lights tuxedo t-shirt. Come on, fans. (Via Pajiba.)

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  1. “RIP, Tyrion Lannister t shirt.” – Twitter

  2. “Hey ladies. Shall I unsheathe my sword for you?” – This Guy’s Face

  3. The time for democracy in Westeros is here. Gabe, you’re on the wrong side of history.

  4. This guy’s “I’m making a joke” face is killing me. You are legally obligated to make that face when wearing a funny t-shirt.

  5. “Vote for Mance Rayder,” however, might almost work as a joke.

  6. Man, what a blookhead. (We’re going to make it happen, fresh!)

  7. Is this the Friday Giveway a day early?

  8. Slow news day eh?

  9. Well, there were those Game of Thrones-themed parody attack ads from about a month ago, but yeah, this shirt is dumb.

    • Those attack ads were funny. They were relevant to both the political climate of the United States and that of the 7 Kingdoms. This shirt just makes me mad. I came back after a few hours of spreadsheets to reply to this comment because this shirt is so stupid that if I saw someone wearing it, I’d probably start asking them questions. Annoying questions. Because that is how frustrated this stupid shirt makes me. And that guy’s expression.

      This guy is very lucky I didn’t meet him in a bar when I am slightly drunk. For a number of reasons, but most of which relate directly to his stupid shirt.

      • I was only pointing out that this dumb shirt didn’t come completely out of nowhere. It’s still a terrible shirt.

        What was great about those attack ads was that they were relevant to the different candidates for the Iron Throne and was focused on Westeros and GoT in general, whereas this guy’s dumb shirt is inserting Tyrion Lannister into the real world in the most ham-fisted, mash-up-for-mash-up’s-sake political allegory or sumthin I dunno but yeah way possible.

        “Wear this shirt if you want to be down with Game of Thrones kinda but not really! You for sure won’t look dumb and will actually make new friends! Go get some dagrons! PBR!” #ohbrother

  10. a REAL political shirt would have LANNISTER emphasized of Tyrion…way to set him up for failure. Who do you think you are? Tywin?

  11. I’d gladly vote for Tyrion Lannister for whatever he’d care to run for. He’s a shoe in for this year’s class superlative, “Most Likely to Think With His Dick.”

  12. What does the small text say? A Lannister always pays his national debts???

    Is this a secret t-shirt that funds the Tea Party the way artists are donating designs to Obama?

    Ugh, Lannisters. Go back to Westeros!

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