• Seth Meyers is in the running to be the new Regis on Regis and Kelly, in the event of which he’d step down from the head writer position on Saturday Night Live. The world is changing all the time, guys. Cannot stop it from changing. -Showbiz411
  • Speaking of changing, Clark Duke might be a cast member on the next season of The Office! It would be strange to have a reason to be slightly excited about The Office again, but I am open to it for sure. -TVLine
  • The Week has a few suggestions for quiet movies to watch this summer, and, not to spoil anything, but their first suggestion is My Sister’s Sister and I definitely want to see that one. -TheWeek
  • Speaking of movies and lists of movies, Time Out New York has a list of the 100 best movies that take place in New York. Can you guess what number one is? I tried to guess but got it wrong. But then my guess WAS in the top 10. Sooooo. -TimeOut
  • Apparently, maybe everyone knows this except for me, but apparently a few years ago there was an American remake of The IT Crowd that never got picked up, and Joel McHale was in it. Did you know that? You can watch the first episode here, at this link. Have you already seen it? Is this old snooze? -DangerousMinds
  • HyperVocal has ranked 25 Ryan Gosling memes from Best Ryan Gosling Meme to Worst Ryan Gosling Meme. It’s life, everybody. You just have to get through it. Is your favorite Ryan Gosling meme on the list?? -HyperVocal
  • MGM doesn’t want Martin Guigui to make Raging Bull II. WTF, MGM? Right? Wtf. -FilmDrunk
  • And finally, the AV Club visited the ranch where There Will Be Blood was filmed, as part of their Pop Pilgrims series, and maybe you will enjoy it. I’ve abandoned my boy! I’ve abandoned my drink of my milkshake! Oil! -AVClub
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  1. Uhhh, how was New York Minute not on that Time Out list? I demand a recount.

  2. ” I’ve abandoned my drink of my milkshake! ” made me snort.

  3. I guessed The Godfather. How was that not in the top 10?! Was it because it didn’t take place ENTIRELY in New York?

    • The Seven Year Itch isn’t on there? AT ALL?

      Also Eyes Wide Shut was filmed in England, even if it took place in NYC.

      And where is Pooty Tang? If you’re putting in other stupid movies, at least put in one that’s kind of secretly amazing.

      Seriously, this list is bullshit.

  4. I wish that IT Crowd pilot would just… DISAPPEAR

    • the thing about the american it crowd is that joel mchale probably would have been a very good roy if he had been a little more… joel mchale-y. roy has a certain sort of smugness that joel mchale could definitely nail, but instead he’s just very generic.

      the other thing about the american it crowd is that it’s THE WORST.

  5. I was going to guess Taxi Driver as a joke, and it was really #1!!

  6. The Warriors, Serpico, Do The Right Thing, and Annie Hall were my picks for the top of the list and I was rather disappointed to see only one of them sitting on the last page. WHATEVER, LIST!! Those are my favourites!

  7. You could argue the order, but that Time Out list is a really good list. Two welcome surprises: Broadway Danny Rose is on there and Gangs of New York isn’t.

  8. Oh my gosh, Ryan Gosling. You are cuter than a puppy.

  9. Also, thanks for helping me find this:

  10. I was all like, it’s gonna either be Taxi Driver or King Kong – and BADDA BING, dere one wuz.
    How does The Warriors get snubbed?

  11. Typography, Public Policy and Disney Cats Goslings, for the win.

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