Plus this:

Equals: everything.

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  1. Can someone explain to me why the internet seems to care about this song more than the average bubblegum pop hit?

  2. “I WOULD FUCKING RATHER LISTEN TO TUPAC” So you really hate Tupac? And this is so bad that you’d put up with his music just to get away from this? And we’re supposed to know about your rabid hatred for Tupac before we read this comment? Ohhhh the internet.

    • Maybe he’s entirely neutral on the subject of Tupac’s music, and that’s the standard he uses to determine whether or not he enjoys other music. Tupac is the litmus test of the music industry.

      • Yeah, maybe it’s a unit of measurement. “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin weighs 9 tupacs; The White Album checks in at 16.4 tupacs. Kidz Bop singing “Call Me Maybe” weighs -11.2 tupacs, and any song by Tupac is zero tupacs.

  3. They look like ’90s Power Rangers out at an amusement park before somebody in a rubber monster suit shows up in a puff of smoke.

  4. Don’t worry, guys. This commenter put the haters in their place:

  5. judging by the prevalence of amusement parks being used in music videos and family sitcom intros, they must be really cheap to rent out. what’s everybody doing 2 weeks from tomorrow?

  6. When I was doing research (for a comment) into why exactly Kidz Bop exists, I found that the Kidz Bop Kids were Billboard’s No. 1 Kids’ Album Artist of 2010 and 2011. Who else was on this list in 2011? Well the Vince Guaraldi Trio and Celtic Women, of course.

    • Why do they even have charts for kids’ albums? They are based entirely in commercialism, even moreso than most music.

      • because its so retro in how it harkens back to the days when people used to buy albums?

        In seriousness, I have less than zero idea. However, the better question may be why a man (and his trio) who has been dead for over a decade, placed at number 5–just ahead of The Chipmunks I might add–on a most popular kid’s album chart.

  7. I was going to say something about the heroin budget for this shoot. But then I thought “Hey Sarah, that is very strange and way too abstract for anyone to understand. Even you.”
    But I would like it on the record regardless.

  8. Thank gosh someone is cleaning up the filth in those Call Me Maybe lyrics.

  9. Being in Kidz Bop is a choice

  10. This, too, shall pass.

  11. Was Sw00sh85 born in 1985? That is disheartening.

    • Sw00sh is 85. It’s why the music of children is especially awful to him.

      And just like that I realized I could very easily become a YouTube troll in 50 years, complaining about children in comments sections… WHICH IS THE BEST WAY TO SPEND YOUR GOLDEN YEARS EVER.

  12. Maybe they should gone down this route to avoid people yelling at them:

  13. Those bumper cars look rad.

  14. Once you have commissioned your child, or any kid for that matter, as a member of the Kidz Bop brigade there will be a portion of glory that can be shared if only for a moment. Regardless, one no matter where they happen to be positioned in the cosmos can sense a post-Kids Bop wash out realizing that the glory was merely the tarnished hand-me-down usurped from the bins of the Mickey Mouse Club. Once this fatal blow has been struck it becomes a lot harder to convince another date down to Coney-Island and tell them what happened during the summer of “Call Me Maybe.”

  15. Based on the number of lens flares, I’m assuming JJ Abrams directed this

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