Just in case you thought that after all the fireworks were turned to ash and the barbecue was eaten up and the noisemakers had wilted and the bag of Doritos was empty and the can of beer was crunched underfoot and the flag-colored bunting was rolled back up for the year and the parade dispersed and everyone went to bed because you still had to work in the morning which is some bullshit that for some reason all of this meant that we weren’t still the greatest country on Earth and that every day wasn’t an important celebration of freedom, let this guy remind you of something very important: AMERICA DON’T NEVER QUIT NOT EVEN FOR ONE SEC. (Via Julie Klausner.)

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  1. I celebrated the 4th by drinking mojitos and watching God Bless America. I have no regrets.

  2. This must be what it’s like when Jon Arbuckle comes home after failing miserably with his blind date.

  3. Cats are the worst. The guy poured his heart out and his cat just did not give a fuck.

    • The cat was only there because he was blackmailed into it. The guy caught the cat lying to get out of helping the dog rebury all his bones to a more affordable yard.

  4. That right there is the T. gondii’s effect on men.

  5. Canadian cat is unimpressed.

  6. That was just meow-k.

  7. That video was my pleasure, definitely not my pain

  8. Someone give this man my address.

  9. Maybe the cat is just a bigger fan of Keaton’s Batman.

  10. LOL?!?!? the fuck??? hahahaha. Muthafucka actually sounds pretty good!

  11. I can relate.

  12. I’d do him… especially since that was me late last night, also. Sorry kitteh.

  13. Heidi Klum should marry him!

  14. It’s like a year later and I’m looking at this, and Google has paired it with an ad for the new Knife album. I love the implication — if you like this drunk guy singing to his cat, you’ll LOVE Shaking the Habitual!

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