• A lizard that looks like Spiderman was recently photographed in Kenya. Kind of insane how a story like this is breaking on such a slow news day but let’s just go with it, guys! -HyperVocal
  • Do you think the success of Magic Mike is going to make Hollywood think that it would be a good idea to cater more movies to women? Asking for The Week. -TheWeek
  • Andy Griffith has died at age 86. Aww. Do not tweet a word about it or Gabe is going to get so mad. -NYTimes
  • It’s Tom Cruise’s birthday! Happy birthday, Tom Cruise! In 50 years, you will be 100 years old! -Dlisted
  • You can watch a short non-spoilery (no doy) clip from the new season of Breaking Bad on Entertainment Weekly‘s site if you want to! I haven’t yet. I might never? But you should if you want to. -EW
  • This is Aaron Sorkin’s yearbook photo. He kind of looks like the singer from That Thing You Do‘s the Wonders, spoiler alert. -PopCultureBrain
  • This is a supercut of people saying “are you crazy.” If you like supercuts in general, you’ll probably like it! If not, skip it! Life is full of hard decisions but I think this one is only medium hard. -BlameItOn
  • And, finally, here is a video of fireworks seen from above. It is a little bit scary, if you are a little bit afraid of heights. Happy fourth of July! I hope you see your fireworks from a normal point of view! -ViralViralVideos
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  1. If we can’t tweet about it, can we at least whistle?

  2. Scary if you’re afraid of heights or afraid of cameramen getting hit by fireworks.

  3. The way I heard about Andy Griffith’s death was an “RIP Andy Griffith!” status update. My first thought was “LOL, Gabe’s going to hate this” and my 2nd thought was “that’s sad about Andy Griffith.”

  4. The Amazing Spider-Man-Lizard-Man? You know there’s at least a meeting about this potential blockbuster trilogy somewhere.

  5. It’s funny when my gal pals and I all are talking about wanting to scope some Magic Mike butt for months on end, and then when we finally see Channing Tatum dance to Pony we emerge from the theater to yet another puzzling annual round of, “Are women movie goers?” Like, I forgot no one understands our alien ways of liking butts and leaving our homes because it’s just so dumb.

    (Magic Mike was good for sexy and non-sexy reason btw.)

    • Women can’t see movies. Just like women can’t be funny. Or leave the house (except to buy groceries and shoes). Or vote.

      It’s simple sociology.

      I had to have my boyfriend type this out for me.

      • Oh good! My male typing robot was worried when he read that, thinking maybe you had left your parlor. I, alone for being too headstrong, must bribe one of my male cats to accompany me when I leave the house so I won’t be shunned. He did not like Magic Mike.

  6. Spiderman ????!!!!!Oh ,it’s so incredible.

  7. Odd. My mom just went to kenya and also saw some spider lizard things and took a picture of one of them. I didn’t’ really think it was a big deal, but i guess this is the most important thing to have ever happened to my family now.

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