“Almost all of the serious injuries that happen every year come from illegal fireworks.” – This PSA.

It’s weird that they haven’t rebooted The Preventor yet. Kids love that guy. They definitely know who he is, they definitely think he is cool, they definitely want to see more of him, and they definitely love him. Get Channing Tatum. No shirts. (Via Neatorama.)

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  1. TLDW (too long, didn’t watch)

  2. i think more people “see their dreams go up in smoke” from something other than fireworks….kids.

  3. “I WANT IT!!!” … “It was gonna blow up on me?!” -Dumbest Little Girl of All Time

  4. They kept really awkwardly setting up actually dangerous scenarios and then resolving them by having the characters really just have fireworks.

    - sure just leave the door wide open as you run out of the house

    - are those teenagers buying drugs from that strange man in the car? where are the po-oh wait, it’s just fireworks

    - sure, totally normal to ask little girls to go behind trees with you to show them what you have

    • “But if it’s yucky, not looking next tiiiime.” The redhead has clearly already seen some messed up stuff. Thank goodness The Preventor saved her from seeing her friend’s hand blown off on top of that.

  5. This reminds of younger days, when 4th of July meant snakes and ground bloom flowers. Of course, those didn’t shoot into the air, but we solved that by holding them until they were ready to ignite and then throwing them. Usually onto someone’s roof.

  6. I can’t wait for the Preventor: Origins movie.

  7. “If a bottle rocket lands on a wooden roof, it starts a fire.”

    ALLEGEDLY, asshole.

    Also, who has a wooden roof???

  8. “Carl.”

  9. Replace “M80″ with “Penis” and this becomes truly disturbing.
    Thank you Gay Darth Vader for saving our lives. I promise to never do anything cool EVER !!!

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