I defy you to find a more ULTIMATE fireworks FAIL compilation. If anything this one is almost TOO ultimate. So ultimate. #BenjaminFranklin

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  1. That was just too short. I really could have sat here and watched fireworks bloopers straight through until lunch.

  2. Was anyone else ridiculously worried for the dog in the second to last scene? Cause I gotta tell you guys, I was straight-up clutching my pearls worried over here.

  3. Ditto, though I prefer seeing scores of people fleeing massive firework displays gone awry to lone idiots giving themselves third degree burns.

  4. The guy at 0:49 is clearly Keyser Soze, cos’ poof. He’s gone.

  5. I can understand why none of the peopole in these videos believe in evolution.

  6. More like MIS-Fireworks, amirite?

  7. Oh my god, I want to slap everybody in this video so hard.

  8. Awwww snap…I just became the guy at work that e-mails the relevant day-before-the-holiday video.

    Take that “AMAZING Christmas Lights Video Guy”

  9. America! Fuck Yeah!

  10. So these are the first people in line for the death panals right?

  11. From my detailed scream analysis, I have determined that there are only 2 or 3 people who travel the world, reacting to fireworks tragedies.

  12. I love how a few of these people appear to have been completely atomised after the explosion dies down and the smoke clears. They’re just gone!

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