• Today is Lindsay Lohan’s birthday. Happy birthday, Lindsay Lohan. Please be careful with your life and maybe move into the woods and just read some books in a cabin for a while. -Dlisted
  • Speaking of Lindsay Lohan, for some reason Josh Brolin decided to comment on Lindsay Lohan’s relationship with the press in some interview that he did, and he is NOT happy about it. But I don’t even know why he brought it up? What’s the deal, Josh? MYOB. -ONTD
  • I saw a lead-in to this video on TV over the weekend while in some sort of a sports bar and it was very exciting because it’s from the X-Games and who even knew the X-Games were still on TV? And also it was exciting because the lead-in took such a long time and really the only thing they were teasing was, you know, maybe these guys will die??? Tune in and maybe you’ll see them die! Anyway, here are two guys doing some IRL Hot Wheels loops and FYI they do not die. -ViralViralVideos
  • HyperVocal has gathered together 70 classic quotes, etc., from Louis C.K. and put them all in one place, where you can scroll through them with ease while wishing you were not at your office or anywhere other than the beach right now. -HyperVocal
  • Both Magic Mike and Ted faired pretty well at the box office this weekend. Did you see both of them or just one of them? Which one did you love more? If you can even choose between the two? -FilmDrunk
  • Oooh, here’s a bit of TV NEWS! A&E is going to have, in the future, some sort of Psycho prequel from Lost showrunner Carlton Cuse and produced by Kerry Ehrin from Friday Night Lights. Those shows! -Flavorwire
  • Here is a video featuring every “Call Me Maybe” parody or lipdub or whatever from the Internet, and then also gorilla puppets. And here you thought today WASN’T going to be the best day of your life. -TheDailyWhat
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  1. I give magic mike 1 and 1/2 dongs up. The magic was there, but then nothing really happend? also needed more dong.

    • I enjoyed Magic Mike very much! It was a great theater experience too, as my theater was PACKED with ladies, many of whom were not shy about catcalling when they saw something they liked. Could’ve done without the Matthew McConaughey ass shots though.

    • I thought Magic Mike was fun! I enjoyed laughing at how serious the film took itself, ignored homosexuality while at the same time being extremely homo-erotic, and found Channing Tatum to be surprisingly charming.

      • I don’t know… I kind of thought “The Kid” had a four-way with Matthew Bomer and his wife and Elvis’s granddaughter while that baby pig watched in the corner.

        • RIGHT, but I don’t count foursomes as gay unless there are four guys (i’m traditional like that), and the foursome wasn’t shown, just implied…so it still seems homo-erotic to me

          • Fair enough, though I would argue that they at the very least must have crossed swords at some point but seemed pretty ok with it. Progressive? I guess?

            Also, I have to say that I was NOT looking at the audience in the dance scenes, so did anybody notice if there were any dude extras in the club? If not, that seems very wrong.

          • No…that’s been a critique of the movie. It’s apparently supposed to be about a “women’s only” male strip club.

          • What??? How lame! I won’t stand for “separate but equal” male strip clubs.

  2. So that list of Louis quotes is on a site called BroBible, and for some reason, about a quarter of the quotes are unkind towards women. Louis says tons of funny things, and “women are fucked up” is probably not the funniest? Unless you’re curating for BroBible, I guess.

  3. Magic Mike was so good! I was not such a fan of Channing Tatum before, but he really does have a preternatural talent for erotic dance.

  4. Definitely read ” Happy birthday, Lindsay Lohan. Please be careful with your life…” as ” Happy birthday, Lindsay Lohan. Please be careful with your knife…”, but I think it still applies.

  5. I saw Ted and really liked it. It had lots of good jokes at a rapid-fire pace, and it never felt like it was insulting the audience’s intelligence. Giovanni Ribisi is perfect as a creepy weirdo stalker. Mila Kunis seems to get more beautiful with age. And Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane are surprisingly charming in their characters. Just an all around good and funny movie.

    And my expectations were pretty low for this one.

  6. It’s Lindsay Lohan’s birthday again already? Seems like just yesterday that she turned 40.

  7. I am assuming that picture of Lindsey is from her birthday this year. Is that a safe assumption? If that photo is from yesterday, then I just want to say they got that shit out of her cheeks and her lips are back to normal-ish looking. Right? Is this a credible observation? Or is this an old photo?!

    • Nevermind. That is definitely an old photo. I thought it might’ve been recent because the image on the cake looks like maybe Liz Taylor or Lindsay as Liz Taylor, but then I googled it and saw set photos from yesterday or two days ago of Lindsay as Liz and oh I feel bad for how much shit she’s done to her face.

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