Naomi Watts is starring as Princess Diana in the upcoming Princess Diana biopic, Caught In Flight, and today — by all accounts an historic day — the first photo of her in her Princess Diana stuff was released and BOY OH BOY! She looks just like her! The boys at FilmDrunk have suggested that maybe this photo is all we need from this biopic, and that maybe the photo of the celebrity in their biopic subject disguise is all we ever need of a biopic, and maybe we can all go to bed (or to the beach?) (let’s go to the beach!) now, knowing exactly what Naomi Watts would look like if a team were hired to make her look as much like Princess Diana as possible, and I think I might agree with this. (Largely because I put almost all of those words in FilmDrunk’s mouth.) Not that I’m not sure there are MANY girls who used to be young girls who were very interested in the idea of Princess Diana and would now be excited to see a Princess Diana movie, and not to discount Princess Diana or her memory in any way, and already I’d like to give my apologies to everyone, but I’m pretty sure that the lot of us who would like to see this Princess Diana biopic can now just go find a good Princess Diana biography and have Naomi Watts play the lead in their mental images of it? All the puzzle pieces have been provided for us! She makes a beautiful almost exact replica of Princess Diana. Good job to everyone involved, and for the love of God, let’s all just grab some towels and head to the beach already. (Full-size Princess Diana disguise after the jump.) (Via FilmDrunk.)

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  1. This is just Naomi Watts with layered short hair.

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  2. Also released were the first shots of Matthew McConaughey in the upcoming Richard Simmons biopic

  3. I would like to nominate Namoi Watts for the role of Hilary Clinton as well! Maybe she should only play blonde famous ladies in biopics for the rest of her career.

  4. Pretty sure I saw that lady get on the train at 34th street this morning. She was wearing white sneakers, which would eventually be replaced with sensible pumps when she got to the office.

  5. let us all discuss this properly, over tea and crumpets.

  6. If I say she looks more like Camilla in that photo, the way her face is making that face, does it make me a rude jerk?


  8. I mean i think my mom is going to be the only one to see this movie.

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