When we last heard from Patti Stanger, host and matchmaker of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, she was under a bit of scrutiny for announcing on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live that gay men are unable to maintain monogamous relationships and that all Jewish men lie. Haha. Ahhh. What a monster! (“What?” – Patti Stanger.) So you might not be surprised to hear that her show is in jeopardy (because remember all of those crazy awful things I just reminded you that she said?) but what you may (or, to be honest, probably not) be surprised to hear is that it is NOT actually for those things. It’s for physical abuse this time! From the Huffington Post:

“Patti slapped someone on the arm when she got annoyed,” an insider said. “It wasn’t one of her millionaires or ladies hoping to date them — this was a member of the production crew. This is very serious and conversations are being had about firing Patti and canceling her show.”

Patti has a long history of being tough with people she works with, but this time she might have gone too far.

“It’s one thing to get angry and verbally attack someone, but to physically touch someone is unacceptable,” said a source who has worked with Patti for a long time.

What a delight, this woman. Dear God: Please let Patti Stanger continue to change the lives of millionaires and the women who love them all over the world on her TV show Millionaire Matchmaker. I know that the person she slapped was not a millionaire or even one of the ladies hoping to date him, which would be a lot more acceptable (????) than if it were a member of her crew, which it was, and I do know that it’s one thing to verbally attack someone and consistently spew hateful garbage from your mouth and then totally another to physically abuse someone, but I think one thing we can all agree on is how none of those things should have any negative affect on the perpetrator, OR her trashy reality show, OR HER FANS. Please, God, think of the fans. And also the millionaires. And also Ms. Monster, Patti Stanger.

Also, please, if you can — a few water fountains with soda instead of water would be great.



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  1. Stanger danger!

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  2. I suppose they could be lenient and provide her with a
    slap on the wrist

  3. Sorry I couldn’t read this, I was too busy looking for a third to join my boyfriend and me in a polygamous homo relationship.

  4. “It’s one thing to get angry and verbally attack someone, but to physically touch someone is unacceptable,” said a source who has worked with Patti for a long time.

    Yes, of course, no one is going to argue that, but what the hell is she saying to the employees to warrang ‘verbal attack’? How does she have employees? How has she not been set on fire by a mob with pitchforks and torches? She sounds like the worst. Can she be arrested for aggravated being the worst? We should look into that.

  5. This is an outrage. Who do I send pants to to rectify this situation?

  6. I find it really surprising that a woman who sought fame and fortune through a reality show that emphasizes shallow materialism and looks over everything else would turn out to be an asshole.

  7. i bet the source is a jewish man, since they’re always lying.

  8. Who am I going to go NOW for my direct line to socially inept millionaires who want to take me on helicopter rides? This sucks, you guys, I just got really tan and straightened my hair and bought a new dress that shows off the girls. It was degrading, sure, but she has a 99 percent success rate. 99 percent*!!!

    *They stopped advertising this, right?

  9. Poor gay Jewish men who can’t take a bitch slap are THE WORST !!!

  10. Why would she double dig andy cohen like that?

  11. she is so disgusting… her show makes me so angry, especially the way she brow beats some of the men on the show and how smugly patronizing she is to gay men.

  12. When I was a kid I used to imagine I would be rich and have water fountains that dispensed soda as well. Is this a dream every child has? Must be.

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