• HyperVocal has gathered up a bunch of their “best” pop culture Tumblr pictures that are tagged as “1995″ and their list includes this BEAUTIFUL WORK OF ART. I can only imagine that this is a prized piece in every Friends merchandise collector’s collection. -HyperVocal
  • This is a wonderful little supercut of characters on TV expressing their love to other characters on TV. Fictional people and their feelings can be sooooo beaaauuutiiiifuuuuul. -Flavorwire
  • Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum dressed up like young girls and put on a young girl’s talk show called “Ew!” It is not as good as this, but it is good! -LateNight
  • Speaking of it being Magic Mike‘s opening weekend (everyone is speaking about it), did U know that Steven Soderbergh and Channing Tatum are also going to produce the Broadway musical version of it? It’s true! -Deadline
  • Here is a very cool and normal picture of Shaq on the set of Grown Ups 2, a movie that he is going to be in. -PopCultureBrain
  • Chris Evans did a Q and A with Women’s Health, no duh, about what he wants in a woman (basically), and the number one thing he wants in a woman, LADIES, is that she has to loooooooooove puppies and babies ladies wooooooo! We’re all soulmates!!!! Captain Americaaaaaaa! -Dlisted
  • Apparently Guardians of the Galaxy, whatever that is, I honestly have no idea, is going to be Marvel’s next comic book film adaptation. Does anyone know what that is? Do you like it? Who should play the guardian and who should play the galaxy? -THR
  • The Week would like to know if you think Louie is television’s best show. I do not, because I think that Real World seasons 1 through whenever they were in San Diego is television’s best show. But do you? What do you think? Yes? Do you think yes? -TheWeek
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  1. The one with the new operating system.

  2. I for once accept our new Channing Tatum overloard

  3. I can’t believe they missed the opportunity to give Grown Ups 2 a funny subtitle. Let me try “Grown Ups 2: Hey, Who Farted?” There, fixed it

  4. I’ve always assumed that any guy who starts is a sentence with “I really like women who get emotional about” is a damn liar. Y/Y?

    • It is such an odd turn of phrase. I mean, is it just that she has to have an emotion about the thing in question? I get emotional about centipedes, but they aren’t fuzzy warm emotions. But you can’t say I am indifferent to them!!!!

  5. Opinions about Marvel you say? Don’t mind If I do!
    I really doubt Guardians of the Galaxy is going to make any sense in the current film world Marvel created. They tried really hard to ground the silliness of the characters (which is saying a lot because the films are still silly because Marvel is all kinds of goofy crazy). I think there is a suspension of disbelief you can carry to Iron Man that gets a lot harder when there is a cockney Raccoon from space (who is best friends with king of the tree aliens! I mean OH GOD).

    I kind of had my own hopes pinned on Ms. Marvel as a really fitting cosmic character to introduce into the current Marvel movie world. She has magical alien powers, but she’s an Air Force pilot, so she could easily work for SHIELD. (Also lady superhero movie! I would go crrrrazzyyyy with happiness. She’s not just an assassin – she is a kickass powerful honest to goodness superhero!)

  6. Guardians of the Galaxy is pretty fun, though, and it DOES answer the question about where the Avengers are going to go next. That Spoilery guy at the end, he’s a pretty famous comic book villain who mostly hangs out in space and tries to destroy the universe with huge space plans, and it just seems completely bizarre that the Avengers are going to go from “Protecting the world from aliens” right on to, “Let’s all go into space and hang out with the Silver Surfer and guys like that!”

    I mean. What? What is happening here? So, I guess Guardians of the Galaxy could lead into that. But otherwise, I agree with capsulekei. Some people who didn’t have any trouble buying Iron Man are going to get thrown for a loop with Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

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