Uh-huh, you read those words right! CHANNING TATUM IS DOWN 2 STRIP N E TIME! Don’t look a gift PA on 21 Jump Street in the mouth! Find this guy and ask him to strip for you because HE! WILL! DO IT! MAGIC MIKE IN THEATERS NOW! (Via Uproxx.)

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  2. just met a PA from The Vow that said that Channing Tatum took off his face and revealed that he is a lizard person

  3. Sure, but when I do it people start using terms like “creep” and “sexual assault”.

  4. Only 5 favs?

  5. A surprising number of cartoon characters retweeted that.

  6. Random thing that bothers me: people who write NE instead of any. It’s one whole letter shorter, and it isn’t even quicker because any has letters that easily loop together whereas NE forces you to make a jump to the next letter.

    While I’m at it ROFLMAO isn’t funny, it’s hackneyed. Stick with LOL or haha and save those letters for other words like dat, sum, and ne (read: that, some, and any).

    Thank you for the soap box,
    Granny Marcella

  7. He “freaked” her? Is this being tweeted through a TV Guardian?

  8. Sure, but when are we going to find out that Channing Tatum also saves lives of random people (like all my other favorite celebrities)?

  9. so “channing tatum” is slang for “spontaneously stripping”? my tweens are constantly talking about how hot that is. should i be worried?

  10. loling at “freaked her”

  11. Magic Mike for Videogum Movie Club, y/y?

    • Seriously, you guys… I NEED someone to go see this movie with.

      • My husband refuses to see it with me so I’m going to end up seeing it by myself in a theater. And since it’ll likely be cold and rainy (it’s London!), I’ll be wearing a trenchcoat to the theater.

        The only way this moviegoing experience could make me feel dirtier is if it starred Michael Fassbender.

      • I am going with my friend at four. I woke up and texted her “IT’S MAGIC MIKE DAY IT’S MAGIC MIKE DAY!” I unironically am excited about this.

  12. Channing Tatum stripping in real life = Magic Mike in 3D.

  13. That’s wonderful PR. :D

  14. Do you think Alcide does this too? Asking for a friend.

  15. I like him because he seems like a really good sport. I realize there’s no way that doesn’t read like a leering double entendre.

  16. Definitely assumed, prior to reading the whole tweet, that J Bush was Jenna Bush.

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