Louie! It’s back! OUR generation’s Game of Thrones! Who will sit on the ice cream throne?! Look, I don’t know how much there really is to say about this show, or really any show that is funny and thoughtful and well-crafted. “Uh, it’s very good!” That’s most of what there is to say. On the other hand, I know for a FACT that every single person who reads this site watched it, so why not take this opportunity, as a family, to stop complaining all the time and talk about something we enjoy. AND ALSO EAT YOUR PEAS THEY ARE GOOD FOR YOU I AM NOT SURE HOW I JUST KNOW THIS IS TRUE. Last night’s premiere touched on aging and petulance and relationships and maturity and also we saw that Louie‘s ex-wife is black, which I swear to God I have seen people talk about more than anything else already and it’s only 11AM because we live in post-racial America just kidding. (Can you believe it?! Yes. Who cares?! Grow up.) So? Guys? Louie? Guys?

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  1. It made me feel sad.

  2. I like to imagine that Louie in that picture is watching the exact same episode of Nash Bridges I am right now. I just like feeling close to him, you know?

  3. :: Insert relevant Louie Anderson joke here::

  4. Good stuff. The black dudes on the motorcycles reminded me of the scene in this movie…

  5. Gaby Hoffman was in it too!

  6. That was a risky half hour of television, no? The primary narrative was pretty subtle, you’d think nothing was happening if you weren’t watching closely. And so many long takes and silences. Louis C.K. is really going for it!

    P.S. I cannot wait for Maria Bamford to be on this show.

    • for a season premiere, i’d say so. it’s the time new viewers are most often going to check out what everyone else is talking about. if you really examine it, it’s just as thoughtful and interesting as any other episode, but as my fiance put it, “it felt slight.”

      also, as the ex wife had been purposefully left out in seasons’ past – which i think was a good choice, as it is limiting in a good way – i don’t think her presence here was really that needed. it would’ve been funnier and more interesting to just do a long take of him in the neck brace on the phone. she’ll probably be in future episodes i’d imagine, which is fine, but if not, there was really no reason to have her at this point. last season’s flash-back to when his daughter was a baby would’ve been the place to do it if you’re going to do it at all. but let’s see how it shakes out.

      • I don’t think the ideas at play were more insightful than in past episodes, but I do think this one showed more care and ambition in its direction, in individual shots/ scenes, and In weaving thematic coherency throughout the narrative instead of relying on the vignette form.

  7. needs more low-toned cello.

  8. I think the big reveal wasn’t that his ex is black, but that he isn’t black

  9. I aven’t seen this show, but I always mean to. This is what happens when the internet is your television and your options are limitless. You watch the entire series of the X Files, with the movies in their appropriate timelines, and you forget all about cool shows that are on nowadays. If there was a regular open thread for this, I would remember to watch it… Just sayin’

  10. I was very happy to see a beautiful Korean man on this show, even in a small part. There are lots of beautiful Asian men, Hollywood! Put them in things!

    Also, the ex-wife being black – this should only bother people who were SUPER BOTHERED by Louie’s two totally different moms and the disappearance of his brother after season 1. My guess is that more people are SUPER BOTHERED by the ex-wife being black (and very gorgeous, which was more surprising?).

  11. I do love Louie, but I did not get to catch it last night because I was very tired and I fell asleep. Maybe lots of people were tired last night? Heat wave or something?

  12. let’s talk about Louie’s face?

  13. I don’t have FX, so this makes kinda bummed out.

  14. How is his ex-wife being black any kind of reveal? This show has never been about continuity, about the only thing in his universe that is constant is that he has kids. His ex-wife will be someone else later on down the line.

    His siblings and parents and girlfriends are always different, not just the actors playing them; the characters they portray are completely different people. And sometimes he has different quantities of brothers/sisters. We know this! We watch the show! Cmon, everyone! Wise up already.

  15. I wasn’t bothered with the ex-wife being black, as I wasn’t bothered by his agent being super young in the previous season.

  16. You’re right, Gabe. There isn’t much to say about the good shows. There’s much more need to cover bad shows, such as True Blood.

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