Holy moly, there are a lot of trailers this week! Like, so many! (Here’s how many: a new trailer for Total Recall came out this week, and that’s NOT EVEN IN THE ROUND-UP!) So, we should just get to it. But before we do I’d like to point out that I mentioned to Kelly this morning that she was right, there really are a lot of trailers this week, and she said, “It’s nuts.” Hahhaha. “It’s nuts.” Kelly Conaboy, guys.

Red Hook Summer

This looks good. Spike Lee’s movies usually tend to look like a graduate film school thesis project, and this one with its super 8 clips woven in and its drum-beating insistence on SOCIAL ISSUES seems no different, but it still looks good. Also, look! It’s “chief” from Treme!

Robot and Frank

Ew. The future looks so annoying.

Easy Money

This looks so good! I love rich people having dinner parties and murder. Also, it will be interesting to see Joel Kinnamen playing something other than a rat-faced halfway-crooked cop with an indeterminate American accent and a glossary of 1990s slang culled from the back pages of the New York Times style section. Let’s see this movie on the flippity-flop!

Alex Cross

Few things have taken up more of my brainspace this week than this Alex Cross trailer. Matthew Fox’s weird head and body and the role he was destined to play! This is his Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler moment. But obviously, and so much more importantly: Tyler Perry is less convincing as a hard-nosed revenge-driven cop than he was as the dean of student complaints at Star Trek U. Ridiculous. OH AND ALSO THAT TAGLINE?! Best movie of 2012 hands down no contest.


How much does everyone want to be that the tension in this movie just keeps building and building until you almost can’t handle it and he is so close to being caught and then we all learn the powerful lesson that the rich can get away with anything? 0 dollars? That’s reasonable.

Here Comes the Boom

It’s one thing to decide that you want to make a comedic version of Warrior, but it’s weird when you literally just make Warrior. Warrior came out last year and it was great we don’t need another Warrior yet? Also, I am pretty sure it is harder to win MMA fights than just deciding you really want to because of the Jazz Club or something.

Hit and Run

We already saw a trailer for this but this is the red band trailer for this if you’re into red band trailers for movies of which you’ve already seen trailers.

Silver Linings Playbook

Interesting. I hate this trailer so much. It’s corny and emotionally manipulative in a really boring way, and the idea of two crazy people falling in love with each other on a jog is silly and why is Bradley Cooper wearing a garbage bag? Is he trying to cut weight for his upcoming bought with Lexapro? I’m confused. But then again: I really like David O’Russell’s movies always. Even I Heart Huckabees, which was obviously problematic and by all accounts not very good, I thought was at least interesting to watch. So, fingers crossed.

Fun Size

Some of you guys are teenagers, right? Does this movie interest you? This trailer confuses me because it does not look good to me, but I also am not the target audience, which is teenagers, so I’m curious what teenagers think. So tell me, please.

The Sessions

Academy Award bait. How good is John Hawkes though? The best? He’s the best. I hope he gets it wet! (Just kidding, I KNOW he gets it wet. This movie should be called “He Gets It Wet.” Directed by Nancy Meyers.)

The Man With the Iron Fists

Obviously, everything has been leading up to the RZA directing and starring in his own kung fu movie, the only question is why it didn’t happen sooner. But I genuinely hope with all of my heart that this is the greatest movie ever made. IT’S POSSIBLE! I love kung fu, I love the RZA, this has a good soundtrack, blah blah Russell Crowe, and a guy made out of gold. Yeah! Why not?! Never say never 3D.

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  1. So glad the Robot and Frank trailer is finally online! I saw it before Moonrise Kingdom and it looks so great. I love robots.

  2. I’ve watched the Alex Cross trailer. No thanks.

  3. Fun Fact, Mark Wahlberg was supposed to play Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook, so you can get creeped out picturing Mark Wahlberg seduce Jennifer Lawrence

  4. It’s always interesting to me how movies try to capitalize on books. The Easy Money trailer quotes James Ellroy referencing Steig Larsson (underlined!), but relegates the author of the actual book to a small-fonted acknowledgement later in the trailer.

    I don’t know what to say about that, other than that I find it interesting.

  5. i don’t know what you’re talking about gabe. i heart huckabees is one of the best movies in the last 10 years.

    between this and Boogie Nights i’m not so sure we can be friends.

  6. Why did I have to watch a preview of a movie that is currently out before a preview of a movie that is coming soon? Do first previews not count as advertising now?

    • You beat me to the punch, damnfine. I’m sure someone on here has railed about this before, and I know I’m being redundant, but GODDAMMIT that pisses me off and I want to rail about it now. WHY THE F DO I HAVE TO WATCH AN AD TO WATCH AN AD?! F THE MOVIE STUDIOS.

      And no, I didn’t watch the trailers that were preceded by ads. I’m a principled man.

  7. “Haha, did you guys that weird kid in the Spider-man costume punch Johnny Knoxville in the scroat? This movie is classic! #YOLO” – Teenagers

  8. who else just fandagoed a ticket for Arbitage because Brit Marling? I didn’t even have to watch the trailer.

  9. Uh, Gabe, I believe the “gold” person in the RZA movie is actually one of the 18 Shaolin bronze men. Hehem!
    /takes pedantic cap off

  10. Bradley Cooper, please do me.

  11. I really don’t know why I did it, but out of 3,000 trailer options, I clicked on Hit and Run first. And I hate myself for my own thought process. “It’s nuts.”

  12. Does Gabe love rap? Because I love rap.

  13. I am 33 years old, and I think Fun Size looks great!

    • Maybe it’s a 33 year old person thing (or maybe you aren’t being serious) because, yes.

      It reminds me of Adventures In Babysitting in a good way (is there a bad way? no.). I would watch this on a lazy Friday night at home no questions asked. And the chicken made me laugh.

  14. I didn’t know Chris Tucker still existed.


  16. matthew fox still has his LOST tattoos, cool

  17. FACT: Spike Lee shot all of Red Hook Summer on an iPhone 3G

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