It’s the only thing anyone’s talking about. WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR IT ALL? (Via Nevver.)

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  1. He looks hopped up on Duracells.

  2. Probably wouldn’t even be a story if that was a white flashlight. Still racist, huh american media.

  3. it looks like it was made in Mexico.

  4. I saw George Clinton perform last night, and the SUSPICIOUS thing was some guy came out and started doing FLASHLIGHT, and I was all, where’s George Clinton? And then I was all, what that IS George Clinton because GEORGE CLINTON LOOKS LIKE THIS NOW!!!

  5. They’re going to be even more suspicious when it turns out that it’s a Fleshlight.

  6. Looks like my case load… *puts on sunglasses* …just got a little light.


  7. Of course the flashlight is suspicious! Just off camera is a whole SWAT team ready to pounce when Hondo gives the word.

  8. Just in case nobody knows, some crazy dude in phoenix has been building flashlight bombs that a couple of people have gotten mangled by.

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