• Here are a few photos of Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd on the set of the new David Wain movie, They Came Together. The pictures are mostly boring because they’re just Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd standing around like normal people, not bring lifted up by people in blue-man suits or anything, but I am VERY excited for this movie. So. Soooo. -ONTD
  • There’s going to be a TV show based on Peter Pan called The League of Pan. Because to make a new thing now all you have to do is take an old fairy tale-like then and then make it rough and tough and cool and then it’s a new thing and everyone loves it. -Deadline
  • If anyone was worried about whether or not the entire Community cast would be back for next season, you can stop worrying, because they have collectively agreed to not quit their jobs for no reason. -PopCultureBrain
  • Mark Duplass is on Marc Maron’s “WTF Podcast” this week, you should listen to it! -WTFPodcast
  • You may remember how Twitter lost its shit, PARDON ME, this morning when CNN published the wrong healthcare ruling this morning, because LOL, and it looks like Fox published the same mistake. What a bunch of dummies. Where’s Jeff Daniels when you need him. -HyperVocal
  • Want to listen to a podcast? Even though you already listened to the WTF podcast that I already recommended? Great! Want to listen to the FilmDrunk podcast, then? All right well perfect, here you go. -FilmDrunk
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  1. Amy Poehler looks so charming in that blue dress and black coat and stockings. I’m on board with her smiling at Paul Rudd like that.

    That WTF interview with Mark Duplass was great. I like his attitude.

    COMMUNITY news is always met pensively, what with all the wait-and-seeing.

    • Amy Poehler is soooo cute. I had a discussion with a friend about Leslie Knope’s wardrobe and how it has gotten much cuter since season 1. But it has also gotten pretty pricy. He sent me a link to a shirt that she wore and it was a bit on the steep side, and he was kind of like, “No way she could afford that!” And obviously, the deputy director of the Parks and Recreation department of a smallish Midwestern town is NOT going to spend $200 on one blouse. But at the same time, it was really cute, so I didn’t even mind. At the same same time, it’s television, so who cares. I’m not sure that level of verisimilitude in the costume department is really required. Cool story, me. In conclusion, Amy Poehler looks cute in cute clothing. The end.

      • I know! I want to be her BFF and we can hang out in awesome blue dresses and drink wine and talk about how cute Paul Rudd is and how their movie is going to be great, no, I really mean that, I am not just saying that because we are best friends, Amy Poehler.

        • Being BFFs with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey is all I really want out of life. Added bonus: being in the company of the likes of Will Arnett and very cute babies.

          • When the UCB tv series was airing, I wanted to join the fictional UCB so bad just to have that cool uniform and hang out below the surface of the earth just plotting with Adair, Colby, Antoine and Trotter.

      • My only problem with Amy Poehler is that she is married to Will Arnett and I want to be married to Will Arnett. But, she’s so darn cute and genuinely hilarious (Adam Corolla be damned) that I have to love her.

  2. Amy and Paul look too cute in those photos. I made the mistake of looking directly at them without proper protection from adorable radiance so I think I’m blind now.

  3. That’s my friendly neighborhood Tazza, where I got my coffee this morning!
    Now I’m experiencing some dizziness & shortness of breath.

  4. There can never be too many pictures of Paul Rudd

  5. Set in modern day, it centers around the Lost Boys and takes place 10 years after they’ve left Neverland.

    So….it’s just about some dudes in their early twenties hanging out? Groundbreaking.

    • RU! FI! OOOHHHH brother.

    • Buuuuummmer. Has anyone making this show ever actually read about what happens to the Lost Boys who decide to leave Neverland? It’s all very depressing. They just grow up and become boring ass adults. No, thank you.

      • I don’t even want to imagine what the casting call description will be like for “down-and-out” Tinkerbell.

        • I thought that was a gimme role for Lilo

          • Do you mean LiLo as in Lindsay Lohan? That second capitalized L is probably important, because at first I thought you were referring to Lilo of Lilo & Stitch fame!

            Also, you know who would do a better LiLo-as-down-and-out-Tinkerbell that I’d actually want to watch? Emma Stone.

            Of course, now we’re talking WAY off the beaten path, since this is just a tv production that hasn’t even hired a showrunner yet. I wonder if the showrunner for ‘No Ordinary Family’ is available. . .

            I don’t know why I’m making a dig at a cancelled show I never watched, but here we are.

          • *now we’re WALK-AND-TALKING way off the beaten path.

            Please excuse my error.

  6. Are there any Twin Cities monsters out there? I just moved to the area and being on the internet all day has really gotten in the way of my meeting people.

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