Ha ha! Maybe Mike Bloomberg (he’s the mayor of New York, for those readers who live with their parents) should pass a decree (I know how mayors work) putting uneven stairs in every subway station. Sure, it would probably cause some headaches for the city which is already struggling with some budgetary gaps, both from the cost of installing the new, worse stairs, and then from the ensuing lawsuits from people whose faces are broken open like a piece of fruit, but it would be hilarious and it would keep the citizens of this fine city constantly alert, i.e. CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE, the two qualities that make New York City one of the greatest cities in the world! “It is the world center of finance, art, and falling down stairs.” And that is why we need to elect Michael Bloomberg to an historic third term. OH WAIT! (Via ViralVideos.)

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  1. Bloomberg should add a tripping tax, you know since he’s so good at adding ridiculous taxes.

    • What do you mean ridiculous? Cigarettes are just better when they cost $13 pack.

      • Is that how much they cost now? Wow. I was thinking more along the lines of soda/junk food taxing but now I’m super glad I don’t smoke (tobacco). I don’t pay taxes on pot – well at least my delivery guy doesn’t charge me tax! :)

        • I figured you were talking about the soda thing, but the $13 pack thing is just so wild. I only occasionally buy cigarettes, but a regular habit these days costs what your rent would be in a small town somewhere.

  2. It’s awesome how every single person who trips on that step automatically tries to play it off like they were about to start running up the stairs anyway.

  3. what a trip! #booooooo

  4. People Tripping Is Always Funny, Should Be Mandatory

    –Roger Sterling

  5. Tripping on subway steps is doubly horrible because 1) it’s embarrassing and 2) if you have to catch yourself your only option is the nightmarishly filthy step ahead of you.

  6. These people be trippin’!

  7. UPDATE: just found out from a friend that the stairway is now roped off and construction workers are loafing about. That thing should be fixed in no time (by Labor Day).

  8. And by EVERYONE, I mean most people… – this guy

  9. Oh, and this of course…

  10. That’s why I always hold a handrail (besides that fact that I am an old lady), even though afterwards I regret it because, ew.

  11. i am more concerned with that guy who was carrying the golf umbrella. get a smaller umbrella guy or use it as a cane so ya on’t trip fool.

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