Want to hear a rap song about being on Instragram? Sure why not. Headphones UP!

So sad how DeStorm died from gunshot wounds he suffered while trying to capture a gun fight to post on Instagram rather than hiding. Also, Kelvin, DeStorm? KELVIN?! (Via 50Cent.Livejournal.com.)

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  1. This is some unfiltered shit right here.

  2. App Rap?

    No thank you.

  3. His song about LinkedIn is pretty good too.

  4. This should win an Instagrammy.

  5. This one kind of is too:

    • Was the assignment, “Rewrite ‘Money’ performed by The Beatles as if it were penned by an ESL student in an intro to economics course”?

  6. A hip hop song about instagram via 50 Cent’s livejournal.

  7. Yo Trent, I’mma really happy for you… but DeStorm had one of the best Social Network videos of all time!

  8. Don’t worry DeStorm, I’m pretty sure that was a stripper cop. I’d just stay away from the pissed off bachelorette party you stole him from.

  9. They pixelated the big pile of cocaine, why? Were they afraid someone would recognize it?

  10. So THIS is why there’s so much Tits and Ass all over instagram now.

    I liked it before when just hipsters were using it. :(

  11. We Need to Talk About Kelvin.

  12. Oh cool. Someone managed to capture how awful instant-gram is in a rap song. It’s what we’ve all been clamoring for!

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