It seems like YEARS ago that we first heard the news that Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? would finally be made into a big budget Hollywood movie that was like National Treasure meets The Thomas Crown Affair, but it has actually only been about seven months. Can you believe it? Time DOESN’T fly when you’re waiting on the Movie Biz to DO ITS JOB! But today we finally got a piece of good news about the project’s progress, from The Hollywood Reporter:

Darren Lemke, who worked on Shrek Forever After as well as Bryan Singer’s upcoming Jack the Giant Killer, has been tapped to pen the big-screen version of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

I don’t know why it took them so damn long to find a writer to tap, but I think I speak for everyone when I say: phew! Phew phew phew. One foot in front of the other, Darren Lemke. But wait, has Jennifer Lopez finally announced she would be starring in the title role, rather than simply producing the film? Do we have our Carmen Sandiego yet???

Walden Media picked up the rights to the educational computer game-turned-cartoon from Houghton Mifflin in the fall of 2011. Jennifer Lopez is one of the producers and eyeing it as a starring vehicle.

I guess that’s close enough! But wait, is there any word on whether it’s still going to be like Thomas Crown Affair meets National Treasure?

Walden svp development & production Evan Turner and Walden CEO Michael Bostick are overseeing the project, which Walden sees as being a cross between Thomas Crown Affair and National Treasure.

Perfect. It looks like we can rest easy tonight, knowing that our Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego passion project is still moving along as it should be. One less thing to worry about. Cross it off the list.

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  1. Actually it already came out, but no one was clever enough to follow the clues to the screening. :(

  2. You can’t recreate the magic of National Treasure, Hollywood. It was a one time thing where the perfect cast met the perfect script at the perfect time. Give it up.

    • I’ve always been wary of old school video games getting adapted into films. They tried to make Oregon Trail on two separate occasions and it cost John Candy AND Chris Farley their lives (#RIPforever #HolyShnikeys).

      J-Lo better proceed with caution.

  3. It’s not that they didn’t know which writer to get – it’s just that it took forever to find him because the only clue they had was “head down the road from the place where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, who slid, climbed, and swallowed mountains, known as landeater, played his flute to his loved one. Then turn left.”

  4. I think it’s grueling to hear the phrase “It’s going to be like this and this” When I rather just want it to be “Like Carmen Sandiego.”

    I also hope for a Soundtrack Filled with Rockapella, but fear that it’ll be remixed with dubstep.

  5. oh man, i was really hoping this film would actually be about a teenager’s journey as a contestant on the show. there would be acid wash jeans and frayed white t-shirts and shit everywhere, and we could see the other rival gumshoes back stage abusing drugs and crying over geography textbooks. then in the end this one good egg teenager just like knocks that shit out of the water, running around pinning those giant light-up markers all over the map. where was carmen sandiego? fucking KYRGYZSTAN, if you believe it. they win and are carried on the shoulders of the losers, and they bring out jlo in a red trench coat and she’s totally humiliated for all of public television to see. and then maybe as a side plot the guys that sing the theme song could be like a strugging acapella group trying to make it big, and they come out and perform and blow everyone’s minds on starsearch one day or something.

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