Poor Kathy Griffin. She just can’t catch a break. It seems like her whole life has been one long story of struggle and heartbreak. For years, she has been cast in comedic roles on sitcoms and had a lucrative career as a comedian, only to finally get her own show on Bravo, the success of which has earned her new levels of fame and attention. And now she has sold a memoir for only 2 million dollars? It’s like, hasn’t this sad, failed outcast suffered enough? From the NY Observer:

The comedian Kathy Griffin is writing a memoir, and according to three sources with knowledge of the deal, her literary agent at Endeavor, former Dutton editor-in-chief Trena Keating, sold it at auction last week to an editor at Random House’s Ballantine imprint for more than $2 million.

Luckily, no matter how much you pay her, Kathy Griffin will surely paint herself as a lonesome nobody beating on Hollywood’s door from the outside*. “Luckily.”

*This is just a reminder to Kathy Griffin that Videogum would happily stand back and leave you to enjoy your success, lord knows you’ve worked for it, if you would please just drop this D-List schtick. It’s fake, and it’s a lie, and you are rich, and you are famous, so stop playing games. Just own up to the fact that even a crumbling industry grasping at straws to stay relevant has agreed to pay you an exorbitant amount of money for a book you certainly haven’t even begun to write based on the sheer star power of your name. You’ve made it. Stop being such a fucking liar. No? Still going to run with this whole “wah wah, no one likes me, why am I such a loser with nothing but her own show and millions of dollars to keep her company” routine? Have fun at dinner.

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  2. Her face looks like disapproving pudding. Or like someone found a cat and made it smell something bad and then put a really fancy wig on it.

  3. Ben  |   Posted on Feb 24th, 2009 +4

    Urm. She’s the one person videogum hates I can’t feel any pity for. I mean, even Gwyneth sometimes I think, “well its not like shes trying to be an asshole on purpose!”

    But Kathy, no doubt about it, she knows. She knows alright.

  4. Kathy Fan  |   Posted on Feb 24th, 2009 +1

    I have to disagree. To me – the whole D-List Schtick is not as much about the money – as the respect she gets in Hollywood. I’ve seen her stand up three times and its more about comparing how she’ll never have the A-List respect like the Tom Hanks of the world – than the fact that she doesn’t make as much money as him.
    And her stand up is all about how – because she isn’t treated with this respect – she gets to see a different side of hollywood then someone who is in the ‘A List’ Bubble.

    • This is true. Anybody who’s seen the show knows she’s not trying to act like she isn’t famous or successful. She just doesn’t matter as compared to the big actresses. And in real life, a TV star/comedian isn’t going to compete with Angelina Jolie at award shows, which Kathy Griffin understands. You know why? Jokes! They are jokes. Ha, ha.

    • I’m going to have to debate with you on this seeing that Kathy is a commedian and Tom Hanks is an actor. Big difference. Hence, being appreciated in different ways.

    • TC  |   Posted on Feb 24th, 2009 +4

      Agree – it’s total b.s. that people respect a two-time Oscar winner like Tom Hanks more than they respect a talentless shrew whose “stand up” consists of talking shit about people who she really wants to be friends with. Get it together Hollywood!

  5. I agree with everything Gabe says there and love that he concluded with “Have fun at dinner” .

  6. you’d better shut your mouth when you’re talking to me, kathy griffin. such a fucking liar.

  7. Al  |   Posted on Feb 24th, 2009 +4

    Gabe, I just don’t understand why you continue to get all worked up over this. The D-list thing is a CONCEPT FOR A TV SHOW (as in, not real life, and probably conceived by Bravo and a host of producers). And Kathy Griffin is a COMEDIAN. Who makes JOKES (as in, not being serious about things). She doesn’t actually believe that she lives a life of poverty and hardship, and you know that, and at the same time, you know she’s no Kate Winslet.

  8. Kathy Griffin wants you to think she’s having a terrible time at dinner.

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