• Elisabeth Moss talked about whether or not Peggy is actually leaving Mad Men in a recent interview with GQ. She kind of attempts to not give anything away, but it seems like the answer is that there isn’t anything to give away and everyone should just calm down. -GQ
  • Here is a video of Amy Poehler answering questions from Tumblr users. She is a true delight. -BuzzFeed
  • This is a very cute little video that some nerd made for his nerd girlfriend that you can show your boyfriend and say, “Why don’t you ever do anything like this for me? Because you dont’ care about me at all?” And then he can say something like, “I don’t do things like this before because I have no idea how to.” And then you’ll say, “Me neither!” And then you’ll realize how happy you are together, because neither of you knows how to make an animated video like this. -TheDailyWhat
  • You may have seen this supercut of reused Aaron Sorkin dialogue already, because it was going around a bit yesterday, but you should watch it if you haven’t yet! I wish they hadn’t included the, like, multiple shots of characters saying “how are you?” or whatever, but for the most part it’s great. -HyperVocal
  • Do you think Hoda Kotb is the right woman to replace Ann Curry on Today? Do you always read Hoda Kotb’s name as “Hoda Kobe,” even though it looks nothing like that and you actually know that it is pronounced “Kot-B”? Well??? -TheWeek
  • Jennifer Aniston is wearing a diamond ring. In other news, I saw Wanderlust over the weekend finally and I liked it a lot! It’s always very fun to watch something David Wain/Stella-related with friends and then tell them every single time a joke is also an “inside” joke. Friends love it. -Dlisted
  • The BBC revealed the title of the first episode of the upcoming season of Dr. Who. Great? I don’t know why you would be excited about that. Are you excited about it, dorks? What do you think the title is? Guess! Guess and then look! -PopCultureBrain
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  1. Peggy looks great! I’m glad she’s still working that cute bob the one non-Sal gay guy gave her. (Where did he go? I thought they were going to be best friends.)

  2. The inclusion of “Love Take Me Down (to the Streets)” was a nice touch in Wanderlust.

  3. Re: the Doctor Who Title (also spoiler I guess)

    Does anyone else hope that Asylum of the Daleks actually refers to the Dalek equivalent of Asylum Films, where Daleks make terrible movies and terrible rip-offs of Dalek blockbusters?

  4. That soul mate video was a cute idea, but the math was dubious. He said that of the 4% of the world’s population he has met, 88% don’t speak English well. One would presume that more than 12% of the people this American dude has met in his life speak English. Get it right, you nerd!

    This is why I have no soul mate, btw. Because I pick apart the math in whimsical video love letters.

    • No, I’m with you. That math is terrible; It makes no sense. Great video, great sentiment, but that’s not how probability works.

    • I hate it when people talk about how their significant other is “perfect,” I’m not perfect, I’m glad my wife doesn’t think I’m perfect and I don’t think she is perfect. That’s too much friggin’ pressure!

      It’s a weird, worshiping-the-ground-you-walk-on kind of stalker-y sentiment and it really rubs me the wrong way.

  5. I liked Wanderlust immensely. I paid for my friend to go see it with me opening weekend – a matinee of course, because we are geriatric. A couple that looked to be in their mid-forties and L-7 SQUARES got up and walked out during Paul Rudd’s super seXXXy mirror monologue. If you’ve seen the movie you know the one. It is a stunning display of improv/spoken erotica on Mr. Rudd’s part. But after everything else in that movie up to that point, including Lotruglio’s swangin’ thang, THAT’S what pushes you over the edge?
    Related: I will never understand some of the people I see in matinees. Do they even consciously pick the movies they’re watching? Do they just ask the ticket person for two to the next movie showing? They probably always just need to go see whatever Tyler Perry movie is playing at the time.

  6. Why does Videogum hate Doctor Who?

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