Terry Richardson has been posting a whole series of photos this morning that he took of his favorite muse, Jared Leto Lindsay Lohan, taken at the Chateau Marmont, including a run of her putting a gun in her mouth. OH NEAT! He has since taken down all of the gun photos. (He’s fine with sexual abuse but he even he has his tact and boundaries!) This actually isn’t my FAVORITE photo of Lindsay Lohan with a gun in her mouth, there was an even better one! But it’s just nice to see this lady of interest doing so great. We were all worried about you for a little while there, Lindsay! Nice to see that you’ve still GOT IT. (Via Terry’s Diary.)

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  1. There aren’t enough frowny faces in the world…

    • Yeah, at this point it’s not even fun to watch.

      • Was it ever?

        But honestly, it’s hard to think of anything more nauseating than the friendship between the dictionary definition of “hot mess” and Terry “#1 Vom-Inducer” Richardson.

        • Her insane backtracking of lies is entertaining. And I do hope she is sober. But I am beginning to think she’s as addicted to fame as everything else and that’s honestly more frightening. Can’t go to fame rehab, though I’m sure Dr. Drew is trying to promote that show somewhere.

  2. She’s auditioning for a lead* role.

    *Read “lead” like “read,” not “lead” like “read.”

  3. I was at a party over the weekend and we were discussing the sheer number of documentaries that exist in which environmental activists TERRORISTS end up house arrest. We decided it should become a reality show where all the hippie activists TERRORISTS with ankle monitors have to live in a house together and have their lives taped. The Real Housebound of Lane County* — maybe on Current or the like. Lots of fights about who has the better hookup for organic cashew butter, etc.

    Anyway, someone asked if Lindsay would be involved because ankle monitors, etc. And we decided that it might actually be the best possible option for her. Seeing these photos today just basically confirmed that idea. Now to write up a treatment! Next stop… EUGENE.

    *Lane County is where Eugene, Oregon is located. Eugene is always called a hotbed of ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORISM because, well, it is.

  4. I’ll take these kind of photos featuring Lohan versus the contant nakedness of 20 year old Kate Upton…

  5. Why is Betty White holding a gun to her mouth?

  6. I just hope it isn’t Fully Loaded.

  7. This isn’t even clever symbolism; it’s just lazy.

  8. You know what’s grosser? That the shirt she is wearing is clearly Terry Richardson’s shirt. Ugh.

  9. Is there a kickstarter somewhere to fund therapy for anyone who has hung out with Terry Richardson? I totally have $5 for that cause.

  10. “now let’s do some where I throw pills and syringes at you!”

  11. Lindsay actually did a similar photo shoot for *controversial* photographer Tyler Shields a few years ago.

    I like Tyler Shields a lot, because I am the worst, and I liked these photos a lot too, again, because I am the worst.

    So, Mr. Richardson is not only a skeevy molestation-nightmare-monster, he is also a copy cat.

  12. Lindsey Lohan turning her life around. Step one: do a photo shoot with a gun in her mouth; step two: enjoy fame and respect again.

  13. Is Lohan morphing into Lana Del Rey or is Lana Del Rey morphing into Lohan?

  14. No matter how old i am if my mother ever caught me hanging with the likes of Terry Richardson she would lock me in a basement.

  15. man.

    How emotionally emotionally damaged do you have to be to put a gun in your mouth the the creepiest photographer ever.

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