Man, nobody likes comedy. Even as someone who loves comedy, I totally hate comedy, so I get it. One time I saw a very very talented comedian who is widely beloved and respected perform at a New York Comedy Club. He was so great, of course, but here was a man (obviously) at the very top of his powers and the club was half full at best. Total bummer. Can you imagine? Imagine a doctor who has worked for 25 years honing his craft and is widely considered by other doctors to be one of the best doctors in the field of medicine (a doctor’s doctor if you will) and he can’t get enough patients. People walking out of surgery: “You’re not Patch Adams enough.” Nobody wants it. Look at this fucking baby. He doesn’t have any friends or responsibilities. He has no individual agency. All he has is his dad, who created him and works diligently to keep him alive, and as far as this baby knows, his laughter could be the key to another day of survival: no laffies no porridge. If nothing else, he should laugh to show deference. And yet, all he can squeak out is this tepid, condescending chuckle. Comedy is the worst, even babies can take it or leave it. (Via TasetfullyOffensive.)

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  1. On a side note, I saw fun! perform last night at the Trevor Project benefit and is it just me or does that one guy (with the glasses) look like Gabe? Was it Gabe? If so, you played guitar very well!

  2. I am sorry baby to hear that joke you have to buy two bottles of milk, and be seated next to a bunch of stranger babies

  3. “Why did the chicken cross the playground?” -Dad
    “I have no idea what a chicken is, what a playground is, or what the heck is the willing suspension of disbelief necessary to forgive/ignore that the premise of this joke is a hypothetical/fictional construction maintained for comedic effect. But you’re my father, you gave me life, and I understand I owe it to you to placate your desire to be liked, amidst your horrible sense of humor. So I will play along: Why?” -That Baby.

  4. “Keep your day dad!” — baby hecklers

  5. Julie Klausner had a bit on this theme on her How Was Your Week? podcast recently. She went down the rabbit hole that is Jeff Dunham’s official website, and all of the factoids were along the lines of “Highest-grossing comedian” and “Appeals to all ages”, etc. All statistics describing his popularity and marketability, but nowhere was a quote featured that said he was actually funny or that his work was of any merit.

  6. jesus, no wonder the kid wants to hide in his room day trading.

  7. Sidenote: The book the baby opens is called “Peek-A-Who?” and it was the first book my kid received.

    **SPOILER ALERT** It has a mirror at the end and it says “Peek-A-YOU!”

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