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  1. Yet the Kathie Lee Dancing Animated Gifs promise remains, shockingly, unfulfilled

  2. I love living my dream of telling Lay Jeno how weird he looks to his face vicariously through Louis.

  3. OMG OMG OMG! We got our tickets for the St. Louis show last niiiiiiight. Super psyched, you guys.

  4. Seems like as good as place as any to say kudos to Louie for offering tour tickets directly through his website and cutting out the god awful TicketMaster/Live Nation middle man. Awesome decision, really works in the best interest of the fan/artist, I hope it works well and more follow suit

  5. Um, what about the interview with Louis CK on the Today Show? I realize it was awful, but it would have been nice to see Louis CK dealing with an absolutely clueless interviewer.

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