• “There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand” is an art show opening at the end of this week in, I think, LA (probably LA), featuring all Arrested Development tribute art. I have to say that I am not a fan of any sort of tribute art about television shows, but I DO like this banana man! I don’t know art, but I know when I see a pretty good sculpture of a man in a banana suit that may or may not be a tribute to a TV show, and boy oh boy. -LaughingSquid
  • Uhh, Aaron Sorkin was recently a huge weirdo jerk in an interview with a reporter from Globe and Mail. He calls her “internet girl” even though she’s interviewing him for a newspaper? It’s a mess. What a jerk. -Vulture
  • Bill Clinton was recently asked what his favorite commercial is for some reason, and he gave a TERRIBLE answer. Maybe don’t read this story if you have any nice opinions of Bill Clinton you want to save. Very bad taste in commercials. -Uproxx
  • Oh, but if you already like the Obamas, here’s an adorable video of them talking about their first date! Life is all about give and take. -Hypervocal
  • Did any of you see To Rome With Love this weekend? I saw movie times for it listed at a local theater and I thought, “Why did they re-release a James Bond movie?” Very dumb! But anyway here is a review of that movie. -TheWeek
  • Ok well this is a link to a photo of the cover of Playboy‘s most recent issue, featuring Jenny McCarthy, which is not something that I would ever tell you to look at for a number of reasons, but doesn’t she look like Elizabeth Banks? Yes or no? Yes, right? -Dlisted
  • There is a Magic Mike Broadway show in the works. So. Congratulations on all of your dreams coming true finally for once in your miserable life! -FilmDrunk
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  1. 1) Well, now what am I going to do with the Jessie from Breaking Bad ventriloquist dummy I was making for your birthday, Kelly? A LITTLE FOREWARNING WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE.

    2) Oh man Aaron Sorkin seems like the biggest jerk. A big, tone-deaf jerk with blinders. Because In another particularly Sorkinesque moment, he lamented not having been a writer in the forties: “I think the last time America was a great country was then, or not long after. It was before Vietnam, before Watergate.” is a giant WTF, and also no, not really Aaron Sorkin. I mean, maybe for white heterosexual dudes (no offenso) it was all aces, but there was a bunch of shit going on then, too. Although maybe I am misinterpreting, and he just really really loves the Hays code.

  2. I am going to the AD art show! LA monster meet up, anyone?

  3. Those DirecTV ads are good!

    As for the Sorkin article, yeah, he comes across as a doofus. But I don’t think the writer comes across all that great, either, to be honest. He definitely writes better dialogue than she does.

    • I kind of like the “don’t attend your own funeral as a guy named Phil Schiffley” one, but mostly I just think it’s impressive that they haven’t gotten shut down by some sort of cease and desist order for implying that all these terrible things will happen to you if you buy cable instead of satellite.

  4. Man, I was SO sure Pres. C was gonna choose the “WAAZZZUUUUUUUUP” commercials. So Sure.

    • “Oh, all of them. I like them all – I think commercials are great. Especially McDonald’s commercials, bah-dat-dat-dat-dahhhhh! You hear that and it makes you hungry.”

  5. So, does To Rome With Love have pretty much the same premise as Midnight In Paris?

  6. This may be sexist, but here goes. I’d probably think Jenny McCarthy was pretty if she wasn’t anti-vaccanation cuckoo-for-Cocopuffs/Andrew Wakefield.

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