Never again, Grace. Never again. (Via TasefullyOffensive.)

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  1. what he was saying to Grace Elizabeth:

  2. Is this a outtake from Modern Family? Where’s Mitchell?

  3. Is it just me or does he sound like the wacky half of a 1940′s comedy duo immediately after seeing a Dracula?

  4. Does EVERYONE on that ride get filmed? Like even at night or on a Tuesday? You know what… Never mind.

  5. Haha, Grace is LOVING it. Good on ya, Grace! I hope you make him ride it 12 million more times! C’mon, Grace’s dad, I think if your 10 year old daughter can handle it, you’re going to be fine. Suck it up!

  6. this man is the cutest. i love when he attempts to put his hands into the air

  7. This coming election…I’m voting Dads. Dads 2012

  8. Great Sam Kinison impression, dad!

  9. ALL the emotions.

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