Hey, ladies! As you and I both know, an unfortunate thing about the world we live in today is that there are still many gender-neutral things that are thought of, consciously or not, as “for guys.” Like, I don’t know, being the captain of a boat. Or being a pilot. Or being someone who orders whiskey at a bar and pretends they like it, even though both they and everyone else know that it tastes like rotten bananas mixed with burnt garbage. But the EU is trying to make a difference in one area that is, I suppose, thought to be for men, or is at least overly-populated by men: Science. They’re unveiling a new campaign, which will reach out to 27 EU members states, that intends to get girls excited about science, and OMG YOU GIRLS! Did u know that science is ALMOST EXACTLY a fashion show? & did u know when u walk into a science lab & a male scientist is there he will put on his glasses & look at u because u will be dressed like a sexy lady even tho u r a scientist too, because lipstick + nail polish? & did u know that in science, when u wear goggles, it’s like fashionable sunglasses only it’s goggles? & did u know that science IS A GIRL THING?

It’s weird that people are upset about this ad campaign. I don’t really see any problems with it, or how it does the exact opposite of what it intends to do, which is to tell girls that it’s ok to be into science, which in itself is a bit of an iffy idea to propose because it suggests that the opposite is a widely-held belief in a way that I don’t really think it is! W/e BOYS! #ITSAGIRLTHING (Thanks for the tip, Bryan.)

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  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What did you just say about whiskey?

    • She said a true thing. Who would want to drink icky whiskey when they could drink gin? It’s science.

    • I tried to order a strong drink at a bar in Chicago, and the bartender (who looked like he had sprouted his first chest hair maybe yesterday) warned me twice that “women don’t like this drink” and they “usually end up giving it to their boyfriends.”

      • You were in Wrigleyville, weren’t you? That just seems so wrong.

        My roommate ordered a Maker’s Mark on the rocks Friday and this guy tried to hit on her by being all “wow, a girl drink whiskey straight up, aren’t you tough.” We both brushed him off. Damn straight we drink whiskey, and if any bartender puts too much vermouth in my manhattan I will throw it at them.

        • It was a cocktail bar called Violet Hour. I was very scared it would be too strong, but it wasn’t even? Like I know my limits, but those limits encompass most cocktails. The thing with this one was it had chocolate bitters in it, and I think the bartender thought I saw “chocolate” and expected a Skinny Girl mix.

          • ugh to Violet Hour. I went there once and was unimpressed. I am quite a fan of the Whistler, for the fact that they make damn fine cocktails and don’t charge outrageous prices.

            I like it when bartenders describe the drink or at least ask what you like, instead of making blanket gender statements. I once made an Appletini for a burly guy who complained it was too strong. Taste doesn’t follow gender lines.

          • So if this was at Violet Hour, I’m assuming that not only did the bartender insult you, but you also had to pay $12 for your drink.

          • Yep, and since we moved to a table to avoid having to interact with the bartender, I didn’t even get to stiff him on the tip.

  2. Of course you don’t understand, Kelly. You’re such a girl.

  3. Weird Science, however, remains just for us boys, am I right fellas?!?!

  4. What does Adam Carolla have to say, isn’t he the expert?

  5. Shit. I’m almost done with my doctorate in Gene recombination, and NOW I find out that science is a GIRL thing? Back to fireman school I guess.

  6. Hey girls, science is in your jean-etic make up.

  7. open toed shoes in a lab?

    • I KNOW. I admit, I have a problem with what I see as the belittlement of the feminine (in that stereotypical feminine pursuits and expressions are often not taken as seriously as masculine pursuits and expressions, etc. etc. etc.) but that does not carry over to disbelief of proper safety procedures/procedures to reduce contamination. Come on 80s science ladies! Proper lab wear is sexy too!

  8. I had no idea bananarama was so into the sciences!

  9. Damn, the science is too tight.

  10. Let’s cut class and dissect frogs!

  11. Are we sure this isn’t an ad for Schmitts Girl?

  12. Ladies, if you do science while wearing sexy things, the male scientist will look at you and thereby vindicate all your worth.

  13. Science: It’s a girl thing (as long as you’re wearing 4 in. heels, a miniskirt, sunglasses, and are like TOTS sexy so the boy scientists can like CHECK. YOU. OUT. YO).

  14. One can only imagine what their appeal to get minorities involved in science would be like. I’m seeing a lot of gold chains and people rapping “My name is X and I’m here to say/A career in the sciences is A-OK!”.

  15. No no no no no. Science is the name of the new girl band that’s hosting Eurovision next year.

  16. I was on the “gender expert” group that provided recommendations to the EC as background for their work on the “Science: It’s a girl thing!” campaign. Four of us from the group issued a statement today which on the one hand is clearly critical of the teaser video that has received so much attention (clearly, if you speak “diplomat” at least) and on the other hand tries to say that the issue of recruiting more women to science is so crucial and so important that the EC shouldn’t get totally derailed by this snafu. Our statement was published at wp.me/p22Uc1-XC .

  17. This ad is beyond moronic and insulting. Entice young ladies with fashion and make up and cutesy things and they’ll hit the chemistry books! Also my aunt is one of the first females to be pilot AND captain for United Airlines.

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