It’s a gentle balance children hold between adorable and annoying, and I think these guys mostly hold it well. At least most of the time. Keep yelling that song, children! You’re wonderful! (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. I breezed through the headline and thought it read, “Kids Perform En Vogue For Their Kindergarten Class The Darndest Things.”

    I was expecting a bunch of kids trying to sing ‘My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It),’ which would be pretty inappropriate, but the pay off would be kids trying to properly enunciate all the “never gonna get it”‘s during the breakdown.

  2. I know this song is about dancing but there is just something unnerving about kids singing Madonna songs

  3. sometimes i doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion


  4. Have these kids even seen Molly?

  5. I am picturing Chris Lilly as the chorus teacher at this school

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