It is almost impossible how dumb this is. Most of the time they’re not even lip synching. They’re just grinning and pointing at their abs. Whatever. The video has gotten 4 million views in a week. It’s Friday morning. Let’s all go back to sleeeeeeeeeep! Call me sleepy. (Via FAILblog.)

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  1. Octomom ripped her dance moves off from these Abercrombie models

  2. There is a vast void of sexy in these clones that I find strange. It’s like falling in lust with an android.

  3. Well, at least I finally got to hear that song people won’t shut up about. Now my scorn feels justified.

  4. “Take off your shirt, they said. See the world, they said. Do some light gay porn and pay for college… Ugh, I should have stuck with the Navy.”

  5. this pretty much proves Taylor Laughtner is an outlier.

  6. They’re happy because they get to eat something when the video wraps.

  7. I’m sitting on my couch, working from home, doing the standard feel bad about yourself hangover move, plus relationship feel bad about yourself, so this is a nice reminder that I wasn’t feeling bad about myself for being out of shape…until now.

    What makes it worse is that I don’t even have any bacon on hand.

  8. I find it hard to hate on people having what looks like a goofy good time. That being said, I was really confused s to why they were all such awful dancers, but then I realized it was in England. Case closed, Fatima.

  9. I knew A&F wasn’t racist! I saw at least 3 ethnic people in that video. Thank you for being the paragon of diversity you are, Abercrombie!

  10. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse than the embarrassing drunk uncle dancing at a wedding. WAY. WORSE. I only made it thru to :58. Anyone else?

  11. Haven’t got around to watching this yet. Can someone just let me know if there was any homo-eroticism? Any “we don’t dance well so let’s turn dancing into a joke” shots? Any running? Any guy sitting on other guy’s shoulders moments? Much appreciated.

  12. It’s so crazy that they spent the money to send these dudes all over Europe to shoot this (incredibly low quality) video but they didn’t bother with dishin’ the dough to hire some sort of choreographer. Whatevs, too busy staring at them abs amirite ladiesssssss

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