Well, we already talked about The One True Movie Trailer this week. (“Kim, hide under the bed and listen very carefully: that one cashier at the bodega where we buy our almond milk is going to be taken.”) But there’s still some other movie trailers. There’s Look Who’s Twilight Too: 3 Part 4 Who Cares, but also a romantic comedy with Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones. You love Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones! Etc etc. Movies movies movies. Trailers trailers trailers.

Celeste and Jesse Forever

This looks great! I love a good romantic comedy and this looks like a good romantic comedy. THE END.


Haha. Aww! Considering how crazy popular comic book movies are these days, it’s always sad to see a low budget one that nobody cares about. Poor Judge Dredd! FOREVER ALONE, RIGHT, INTERNET? I do like that there’s a drug called SLOW MO though. Good drug.

Monsters University

Sure. Yes. Good. Although I saw somewhere that Billy Crystal riffed so hard for these promos that there are actually, like, 40 different versions of it or something? That’s exhausting just in theory.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

It’s almost impossible how much I don’t care about this!

Anna Karenina

Or this!

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  1. Judge Dredd: Batman Voice Strikes Again!

  2. I’m excited for Anna Karenina! I think it looks very pretty, and I am intrigued by how it is shot. Plus, I am for some reason a little too fond of Keira Knightley. And I think I saw Kelly Macdonald. Kelly Macdonald is also great! That casting director is so getting a high five if we ever meet.

    • You did see Kelly Macdonald, Kelly MacDonald is also in Brave, watch Brave and Anna Karenina

    • Michelle Dockery is in Anna Karenina too! I’m definitely going to go see it! Keira Knightley! Kelly Macdonald! Lady Mary! A++

    • PERIOD MOVIES!! We should do a summer road trip meet-up to watch this as a double-header with Les Miserables. I have a flask I can sneak in, we can mix girly drinks in the theatre like teenagers!

      • YES YES YES. Videogum Everywhere: LadyMonster Period Piece Edition!

        Holy cow, I actually just watched the trailer (I didn’t have the chance to earlier) and WHOA. That looks so pretty. Joe Wright sure does direct him some pretty movies! Plus also: Matthew Macfayden! And Tom Stoppard wrote the screenplay?? Get out of here with that!! So cool.

    • Yes! I am in agreement with all of these statements, lilbobbytables! Period piece giant costume dramas revolving around forbidden, insurmountable passion is right up my alley. And by alley, I mean euphemism for something else.

  3. Celeste and Jesse forever looks stupid and cheesy and dumb and does not in any way remind me of my life.

    • Aw, ptsmith, it seems like you’ve had a rough morning. But life is a-ok, I promise! Videogum is here for you. At least it’s not Anna Karenina that reminds you of your life.

      • There was meant to be more humor than sadness, but thanks for the kind words anyways. Of course, life isn’t helped by having to edit a 50 page bibliography. Basically, it becomes, check about five entries, visit the internet, five entries, internet…

  4. Celeste and Jesse Forever – I like Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones. I like a lot of the other actors that showed up in that trailer (Rich Sommer, Elijah Wood, Emma Roberts, etc). I’m not familiar with the director, but the screenplay was written by Jones and another acting friend of hers, so all in all, this l has piqued my interest.

    Dredd – Karl Urban (who has proved himself to me slowly but surely throughout the past 10+ years) as popular UK comic book cop Judge Dredd. Looks like The Raid: Redemption (which is what EVERYONE and their mother has been saying about this film, so I was truly surprised when I finally watched the trailer and was like, “Holy shit, it does,”) but with Cersei Lannister as the villain. Production for this movie started way before Raid’s, but everything after Raid will be compared to Raid, so what can you do? I saw a comment elsewhere that if Dredd is half as good as The Raid: Redempion it’ll still be pretty good. That’s probably true.

    Monster’s University – Don’t know if I’ll see this one. It took me years to getting around to see Monsters, Inc., and it was fine, but, y’know, like, ‘A Bug’s Life’ fine. Which is also fine! I actually like what I can remember of A Bug’s Life. I’m in no rush, I think is what I’m saying.

  5. That picture of Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg is so, so cute. I used to be really meh on her (mostly, I thought she was bland on The Office and then the last line of The Social Network was SO BAD I thought it almost ruined the movie (“Mark, you’re not an asshole [hour of ellipses] You’re just trying so hard to be,” followed by a super dramatic super awful turn of the heel)) but I love her now. Leslie and Ann forever.

    • Oh jeez, I know how you feel. She just seems way better these days, in general I guess? I couldn’t stand her in the Office (my reactions to her generally being “grow a personality, ugh”, and “NONONO GET AWAY FROM HIM, HE’S PAMS, YOU TEMPTRESS”) and then that line in Social Network and OH BOY, I literally flipped my laptop at the turn-on-heel. I dunno, she just seemed like a pretty girl who was just kind of… around? Yet, I wasn’t sure if it was her I was disliking or just the roles she was getting (still not 100%).

      And then along came Parks and Rec. At first, I was like “more like bl-Ann-d” but then I was all “Ann, you beautiful tropical fish.” Ever since the mid-2nd/early 3rd season, I just find her genuinely funnier and more charming, or a maybe more likable person all-around, perchance? Not just in that show either; in nearly everything I see with her, she just comes off a hundred times more appealing. No point to this, I guess. Just glad to know someone shares my views, at least a bit.

      tl;dr: i luv ann & leslie prks and rec 4eva <333

    • She’s so, so pretty. She and Aubrey Plaza together on Parks and Rec are a tour de force of attractive.

  6. It’s weird how everyone in Russia speaks English with a British accent. I always thought they’d speak Russian.

    • You’d think so, but no. Actually, there are no other languages. Everything is just English with a different accent! I learned that from Ever After!

      • “Everything is just English with a different accent,” besides being my favorite thing I’ve heard today so far, actually feels more true than it isn’t, seeing as so many countries make it a point to speak the language of commerce to maximize their benefit, and that language is currently English. In a decade I’ll be interested to see a future analog for lilbobbytables spouting out a similar statement on some proto-pop-POP-cultured-eBlog except it now goes “Everything is just Chinese, both Mandarin and Cantonese, with a different accent.”

        And if China has risen to power, I also expect the world to be like a mix between Firefly and Blade Runner, except all devices are smaller, implanted in your body, and will still get lost from time to time.

    • Better than Sweden according to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, in which everyone speaks English with a Swedish accent.

  7. Man, how much do I wanna marry Rashida Jones in that picture…?

    (a lot.)

  8. at least Anna Karenina looks super pretty and extravagant

  9. I’m just gonna say what everyone else is thinking. If Celeste and Jesse and such BFFs and SO in love then WHY ARE THEY GETTING A DIVORCE???!!!

    I’m not so sure I want to watch that to find out the answer. And a little pissed- in a very high school way- that they are using Porcelain Raft to glamorize their divorce that apparently isn’t even necessary.

    • I recently broke up with my ex even though we were BFFs and love nothing mroe than hanging out together because after living together for like a zillion years we both realized that we’re more like best friends and amazing roommates and we wanted to start dating other people and aren’t really into the idea of an open relationship because of emotions… These things happen, is what I’m saying. I think it’s refreshing to see a relashionship end in a healthy way every now and then rather than the man always being a cheating douche-canoe and the woman always being a controlling harpy.

    • Yeah actually this thing happened to me also. It’s a very strange batch of emotions to swirl around…

  10. I’m psyched for the new Twilight movie. The last one everyone in the theater was laughing through out the whole thing, gnarly birth scene and everything. Its a good time out at the movies. Nobody takes it seriously.

  11. So i’m not going to cry through “celeste and jesse forever.” Nope, not me. Mainly because you couldn’t get me within 100 feet of that movie.

  12. Wait am I alone in thinking that Dredd movie looked fun and kind of gorgeous? I admit that I am a sucker for super slow motions stuff… It looks like it was shot in HD (which is probably actually standard that that movie trailer LOOKED like it was HD).

    I mean, I also DO enjoy those videos where something really slowly explodes in HD that are on YouTube, so my endorsement may be kind of dopey, but sign me up for Dredd!

  13. Just so much lip acting in Anna Karenina.

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  15. What happened, guys? The trailer for Celeste and Jesse Forever made me well up. What’s happening to me? I’m almost 30!

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