• Universal has found writers for Jurassic Park 4, about five or so years after the project was originally announced, and they are the same writers who wrote Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Good news? Hands up who thinks that’s good news? Also, Steven Spielberg is not directing it, but he IS producing it. So, who knows. We can each only judge for ourselves. -Deadline
  • The people at Mothers Jones put together a selection of Game of Thrones attack ads. I think you’re going to like them! Probably! Who knows, I do not actually know you! -MotherJones
  • Famous Internet remix artist Pogo has famous Internet remixed another thing: Pulp Fiction! Ooooh! -SlashFilm
  • Apparently Mad Men inspired new McDonald’s uniforms in the UK? But only for the Olympics, or something? And they basically look just like any old McDonald’s uniforms? It’s a crazy world we live in, for sure. -AVClub
  • Did you know that the lead character in Brave‘s hair is made up of 1,500 individually animated pieces of hair? My goodness. Thank God WE’RE not into animation, right? Unless you are? In which case, how do you even stand it? The Week has more crazy info on Pixar’s other incredibly detailed animation, IF YOU CAN EVEN STAND IT. -TheWeek
  • It looks like Today is trying to get rid of Ann Curry, one of the hosts of Today. Boooo! Poor Ann Curry! I don’t really feel any particular way about her, and it’s possible that she just wants to leave, but boooo! Long Live Ann Curry! -HyperVocal
  • I’m not sure if you’ve stayed up to date on the ongoing battle between CBS and ABC over ABC’s new show The Glass House, which CBS alleges is a ripoff of their show Big Brother, but shit just got REAL! With a COMICAL LETTER! -Dlisted
  • Inspired by the big dumb Abe Lincoln vampire movie, FilmDrunk has gathered up ten other presidential/monster movie mashups, all of which fortunately never saw the light of day. -FilmDrunk
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  1. My goodness. Thank God WE’RE not into animation, right? Unless you are? In which case, how do you even stand it?

    The image translators work for the construct program. But there’s way too much information to decode Pixar’s animation matrix. You get used to it. I don’t even see the code. All I see is blonde, brunette, redhead, etc.

  2. Oh, I am so excited for Jurassic Park 4! I’m gonna pee my pants!

    (just like I did in the movie theater for the first one because I had no time to go to the bathroom because I was nine years old and because there were dinosaurs on the freakin’ movie screen!!! gaaahhh!!!)

  3. Does everyone who writes a headline for Brave describe the heroin as “feisty”? Can we get new words to describe strong female leads? I’m blackballing “sassy” too.

    • Yeah. I thought all red heads had to be described as “firey”.

      • Redheads do invoke images of fire and flame, hence fiery! That’s totally legit, right? It’s in the same league as ‘raven-haired,’ or ‘straw-headed.’

        • ‘Blue hair’ is another, not very creative example. Silver fox. Let’s just keep on listing words for hair. Good job, me.

        • Sometimes the easy adjective is accurate, but it’s so lazy. I mean, come on. You’re getting paid to write about movies and that is the best you can do?

          • I hear you on that. I have a dictionary/thesaurus widget on my mac’s dashboard, and I love looking up new ways to say things.

            Main Entry: feisty [fahy-stee] Show IPA
            Part of Speech: adjective
            Definition: spirited; touchy
            Synonyms: active, alive, bubbly, courageous, difficult, enthusiastic, excitable, fiery, frisky, full of pep, game, gritty, gutsy, gutty, high-strung, hot-blooded, lively, mettlesome, ornery, peppy, quarrelsome, scrappy, sensitive, spunky, thin-skinned, tough, truculent, zestful

          • I like zestful. Reminds me of lemon zest.

      • And spunky. Basically words that older men use to describe younger women with unfamiliar levels of agency. (At least these are complimentary words, I guess.)

    • How about BRAVE?

      • Also, I agree with you peoples. Even though the film is called BRAVE and the female protagonist is most definitely associated with the word, if they are still calling her feisty then they’re still doing that thing we are all talking about here.

      • That is the word I had in mind, but I understand that “the brave heroin of Brave” doesn’t look super professional journalist.

      • Bratz! I was too late with my response. I guess i just wasn’t feisty enough.

    • But it’s so hard! Can you think of one for the protagonist of the movie Brave? I sure hope can’t think of an adjective for the protagonist of the movie Brave. Maybe if the filmmakers had given us SOMETHING to work with we could come up with ad adjective for the protagonist of the movie Brave. Oh, well, we’ll just describe the protagonist of the movie Brave as feisty.

  4. I’m sure those Mad Men-inspired McDonalds uniforms will go over great with McDonald’s target audience of 5-12 year olds.

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