FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT JAMES FRANCO! Forget his review of Girls. Forget his 100 undergraduate degrees. Forget his short stories. Please do not look at the following image of James Franco as Oz in Sam Raimi’s upcoming Wizard of Oz prequel Oz: The Great And Powerful until your mind is clear of all former knowledge of James Franco and ready to process it; then you may proceed.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!? Who even is that guy in that poster? Is that the LITERAL Wizard of Oz, before he became the Wizard of Oz? Like, a younger Oz? I honestly cannot wrap my mind around this image. I thought Oz was fictional but this guy seems to have it all — some kind of an old suit, a top hat, a balloon in the background. I don’t even. I mean, I don’t want to sound foolish but, like, what am I looking at here? Is this a real photo of Oz? Where’s Ashton? Am I being punked right now? What is this? I mean, if this is not Oz, I have to say it’s an incredibly forgery. A really, really striking image. This is just nuts, I can barely even think! (Via SlashFilm.)

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  1. I figured he’d be the scarecrow.

  2. “Pay no attention to that man carving Brad Renfro’s name into his arm behind the curtain.”

  3. Sam Raimi’s making a Wizard of Oz prequel? I’m kind of there!

    Hail to the king, baby.

  4. Also allow me to restate in support of Dr Franco, MFA, that Girls is a terrible show, period, and anyone who likes it is wrong.

    Wait, the period doesn’t go in the middle. PERIOD.

  5. A bit underwhelming for sure, but what was anyone expecting? The Wizard of Oz was just some asshole from Kansas who wound up in Oz by balloon and then faked it until he made it. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to dress some actor in snazzy period duds that in no way evoke any excitement for the land of Oz itself.

    • Emerald City isn’t even made of emeralds! The people of Oz were instructed to make it for The ‘Wizard,’ and he totally played all of them. The outside walls are green, but before you’re allowed entrance you must wear a special pair of green-tinted goggles that get LOCKED onto your head, explained as protection from the city’s blinding emerald majesty. In reality, Emerald City is just a regular-ass city with its residents wearing green-lensed steampunk goggles they can’t take ever off within city limits.

    • So, can someone who has read the books explain something to me?

      The guy calls himself “Oz, the Great and Powerful” but the name of the land is Oz too? What? That’s like if someone from another dimension landed here in the US and somehow found himself elected president and decided to be called “President USA!” That’s crazy!

      Or, is it more along the lines of the Imperial “We” perhaps? As in the head of state basically IS that state?

      Just some Thursday afternoon questions for you.

  6. Kelly, what were you expecting from an Italian bootleg dvd cover?

  7. Uuuuuhhhh, what? There’s a Maleficent movie and now also a movie about the Wizard of Oz? Where’s my movie about the backstory of Stromboli the puppet master from Pinocchio, and how he dragged himself up from his bootstraps in rural Italy to become a respected and famous puppeteer only to have it all come crashing down on him due to one measly stringless puppet? Or how about the story of how Cruella DeVille’s entire family was murdered by anti-fur activists, thus propelling her down her dark path? Or how about a retelling of Gone With the Wind all from Ashley’s perspective?

    Really, just so many unanswered questions about our favorite characters from classic movies. So many characters to explore! C’mon Hollywood! Get on it!

  8. Looks like somebody is leaning on “Smell the Fart” acting.

  9. Remember when James Franco was going to make As I Lay Dying AND Blood Meridian? I will sacrifice Oz, no problem. Stay busy, Franco.

    • He’s making Child of God right now.

      • I haven’t read Child of God, but I’m not categorically against Cormac McCarthy novels being made into movies. No Country For Old Men is one of my favorite movies of all time. Like parts of it were better than the book. And I haven’t seen All the Pretty Horses or The Road, but I can see how they could make great movies if handled properly. Blood Meridian just happens to be unfilmable. Violence is its medium, and a faithful adaptation would have to be too gory to be tasteful.

        So – I’m glad he ditched Blood Meridian for Child of God. It’s probably at least possible to make into a good movie, even if Franco is not the guy to do it.

        • In the 90s I wanted to see Brad Pitt in Child of God. I think he would have nailed it (and all the corpses).

          (It’s a book about necrophilia you guys.)

  10. This might be nuts, but in this picture mr Franco reminds me of the khaleesi from game of thrones. ANYONE??

  11. This is excellent casting, if “oz” is short for “ounce.”

  12. Oz?! I might be interested if Franco reprises the role of Tim McManus and Terry Crews becomes the new Adebisi.

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