AHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Look, Taken was great. So fun. And I’m excited for Taken 2. I bet it’s great and so fun. But the fact that he actually says “Listen to me carefully, Kim. Your mother is going to be taken”? DING DONG, WE’RE GONNNA NEED SOME MORE ACADEMY AWARDS. That’s amazing. So this movie is basically just The Hangover 2 but with Liam Neeson and Krav Maga? I’LL TAKE IT. Whatever, it’s going to be perfect. “But how did a ring of international criminals manage to airlift their compatriots bodies from various crime scenes to give them a sacred burial on some peaceful hill? Wouldn’t the police have been swarming over all of those safehouses and makeshift brothels?” You’re already asking questions? JUST ENJOY LIFE, MY MAN!

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  1. man, he seems pissed.

  2. Wouldn’t the daughter have learned some self-defense lessons by now?

  3. When this sequel was announced, we all thought there would be a plausibility problem. We of little faith.

  4. Weird, RunPee.com only says “just go” for this movie.

  5. Taken could have been rad but it suffered the same problem as most modern movies, the ADD style editing makes it impossible to understand the action. Did Liam Neeson kick that guy in the face or the stomach? Did that guy punch that other guy in the arm or the chest? Won’t ever be able to find out because each shot is .001 seconds long and there are a hundred different cuts and edits every two seconds. In France they call an Unsubscribe an El Unsubscribo con ceso with cheese, guy. De-friended.

  6. I have a very particular set of skills. Skills that make everyone I love somehow more of a target for kidnapping than usual.

  7. “hey! let’s go back to Eastern Europe! Family-style!”

  8. The real question is “Who’s gonna get kidnapped in Taken 3?” The smart money is on the neighbour’s cat.

  9. This should have been called “Taken 2: Istanbul”, so that we know where his wife was taken 2.

  10. The working title for this was actually “Kidnapped Again, D’oh!”

  11. she really meant to say: “Dad’s the best kisser.”

  12. Taken 2: No Takesies Backsies

  13. I wonder, is that guy even Russian/Eastern European or just really good at pretending, because I think he’s been ‘Stereotypical Russian Criminal’ in every movie that features a Russian criminal.

  14. I feel compelled to make a “Taken 2: Electric Boogaloo” because I really want to see Liam Neeson talk about his specific set of skills and then break out into an elaborate tap dancing number.

  15. where’s the rich new husband of the ex wife? is jean grey going to fall back in love with liam neeson? can’t wait to find out!

  16. Look Who’s Taken Too

  17. Where can i purchase my tickets? Also if I was kidnapped abroad I don’t think I would leave my house again.

  18. Lol that old mutahfucka in the beginning looks like the fucking dos equis guy. Am I the only one who noticed this?

  19. best Nell crossover ever

  20. my wife

    right you guys?

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