What a beautiful and dignified tribute to Marilyn. Breathtaking, I’m sure. She’s up in heaven right now looking down from her dinner party with Albert Einstein and Mr. Rogers with an angel tear in her eye because of how beautiful and dignified this tribute to her is. So thoughtful and sincere and meaningful and well-timed and interesting and incredible. “Hey, if I had known someone as pure and genuine as Courtney Stodden was going to come along one day and do such a beautiful and dignified tribute to me, maybe I wouldn’t have KILLED MYSELF.” That’s what Marilyn Monroe says. Or wait. Does she say she wishes she could kill herself again? It’s really hard to tell. Something always gets lost in ANGEL TRANSLATION.

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  1. Does anyone else think it looks like she’s playing a harmonica in the video still?

  2. Some like it not.

  3. I think what Marilyn’s really saying is that she wants her 6-inch lucite platforms back.

  4. I think what we are all forgetting here is that Doug Hutchison is just like Joe DiMaggio. Or Arthur Miller. You pick. So of course it makes sense that Courtney is making this video!

  5. i think the thing that bothered me most about this video is that it looks like she’s squirming under a FITTED sheet at the end. no extra flat ones laying around for this very special and equally important tribute?

  6. Cool spotlight effect in the opening shot. How did they do that?

  7. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  8. Needs more Shia LaBoeuf.

  9. Remember when Marilyn Monroe held a shoe to her head like a phone and then pantomimed licking the shoe? I think it was in The Prince and The Showgirl?

  10. She is looking dangerously thin. I am a little worried about Ms. Stodden. But only about the food thing. The rest seems normal and healthy.

  11. I thought she was doing a tribute to Don Adams.

  12. I stopped watching after the dirty-old-man scan up her body. Also, Marilyn did not shop at Forever 21.

  13. So everyday she does the same routine and calls it Marilyn Monroe? From now on, every time I write I’m calling it Stephen King.

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