You may have heard that Octomom was releasing a porno from your “Octomom” Google Alert, but someone put together a short highlights reel that is (basically) safe for work and it’s almost TOO sexy. You are going to be very turned on, sexually!

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  1. There is no emoticon sad enough for this

  2. Normally I’d be clamoring for the NSFW version, but this is the exception that proves the rule.

  3. I hope she’s not cooking bacon in that outfit. Cooking bacon shirtless something you do ONCE.

    • *is* something.

      Also, this made me like her for the first time ever. But actually maybe I just like whatever lunatic editor picked that music.

  4. You know how I know I live in NYC, I watched that video for the kitchen.

  5. This was surprisingly uplifting

  6. where does she find the time?

  7. I have the theme to Ghostbusters 2 in my head now. Thanks, Gabe.

  8. “I hear men like bacon and women who iron. LOVE ME.” Barf.

  9. were there a lot of wacky slide whistle sound effects in that, or did my brain just produce them in response to what it saw?

  10. If I wanted to see something fourteen people have passed through, I’d check out the ticket line for “Rock of Ages.”

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