As some of us may remember, Joe the Plumber is currently putting out a web series in support of his campaign for Ohio’s ninth congressional district. But what I must imagine has been — based on what we’ve seen — a series of confused nonsense garbage web videos aimed embarrassingly and condescendingly at Ohio’s uninformed “conservative” voters, in a way that makes me unsure if Joe the Plumber is actually attempting to misguide people willfully or if he is truly just a dummy who doesn’t have anyone managing him who knows any better, has TAKEN A TURN! Finally, a little HARD TRUTH from this guy who is definitely going to win this political race he’s entered himself into. Like, you know how anything bad that has ever happened in the world to a large group of people was DIRECTLY PRECEDED by that group of people having their gun rights taken away? Like, you know, the holocaust? Like you know how the holocaust wouldn’t have happened if all those Jews had guns to protect themselves? Yeah, you know. Let “Joe” refresh your memory.

“Well at least he isn’t DENYING the holocaust” is a look-on-the-bright-side thought that entered into my brain after watching the video. But the man does have a point! What’s going to happen when Obama/Occupy Wall Street try to control OUR guns? ANOTHER HOLOCAUST? Another 1.5 million Armenians dead? It’s right there in the history books, fellas. Do not bother checking the history books, I AM TELLING YOU WHAT IS IN THE HISTORY BOOKS. If you don’t learn from how people not being able to buy guns at Wal-Mart without a background check directly led to the holocaust, you are doomed to repeat it. Joe loves America and Americans. Why would he ever attempt to misguide them with insultingly nonsensical conservative propaganda? #erasetermlimits #joeforever (Via DangerousMinds.)

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  1. So am I to understand those tomatoes caused the holocaust?

  2. That’s just silly. Everyone knows Time Machine Control caused the Holocaust.

  3. I loved reading about how gun sales went up after Obama was elected but before he took office… You know, just in case. I wonder if there is a way I can preemptively buy up my health care for the next 40 years if Romney is elected.

    • Or clean air and water because fracking will get even worse.

      • He really shouldn’t be wasting those tomatoes. Soon his ground water will render them poisonous because he lives on a shale hotspot. (Unless they are already inedible.)

        I’m not even making a joke. Fracking could easily destroy our planet and parts of Ohio are already considered toxic waste zones bc of how they are mining and pulling up natural gas. And not a single company needs to be held accountable for the environmental impact they have thanks to an energy bill that was passed in 2005. I have been reading up on it a lot, and it is so fucking scary.

        Also, watch the documentary Gasland (you can stream it on HBO) if you haven’t already. Covers much of what I have been reading with insane shots of people lighting their water on fire bc of benzine. And the pro-gas lobbyists are countering the documentary’s shots with lines like “they could ALWAYS light their water on fire, they just learned about it recently.” I am paraphrasing but not even exaggerating.

        • This has been my new push to get everyone to learn the dangers of fracking. Also: watch Grimm on NBC. That show is a hoot!!

          • Oh badideajeans, I am going to finish the season I promise! I have another incentive because my mom has been catching up on it too and she told me the other day that the guy who played Charlie’s brother on LOST was in an episode and I was like “Yes, please!” Liam Pace was v. attractive!

          • A bunch of people from LOST are showing up! They just had the male Smoke Monster guy in one and Lapidus in another. And they just signed up Jacob for an arc. I hope it is one that films by my house and he is ready to answer a series of questions about how shitty season six of LOST was.

            How far are you in the show? Because it gets super good in the last third of the season.

          • Not Lapidus, Antz.

            If they got Lapidus, I would do a cartwheel.

          • Oh man! That’s a lot of LOST people! That’s great! I did see the episode with Artzt! He was a pig person? If I remember correctly. If they did get Lapidus that would be AMAZING. If they get Jacob AND the Smoke Monster Guy it would be great if they could get them in an episode together and then everyone on the set will be like, “Sooo, what was the deal?”

            Umm, I just looked at an episode guide and I guess I’m not very far. The last episode I saw was when Pilates Wolf’s ex-girlfriend came in to the picture and was like “Give iiin to your Bad Wolf side!” But, I’m definitely going to finish the season some time this summer!

          • That’s about when it picks up and becomes less procedural and more entertaining with longer arcs and crazy twists.

          • “I’m going to talk about a show on NBC when another HOLOCAUST is at risk of happening”–you, irresponsibly.

        • I know that you aren’t exaggerating. After seeing Gasland (and then reading up on it), the natural gas business now scares me way more than any other environmental nightmare going on in the world at the moment.

          Of course, fracking won’t be regulated anytime soon because jobs and freedom. (Only a communist fascist would try to regulate something so wonderful, right?) It’s going to get really bad.

  4. Simple plumber-math, true believers. I just wish the rest of the world would ketchup with us!

  5. This is awful, but I wish he’d point the gun the other way in that picture. Towards his face.

  6. you got famous for asking a presidential candidate a question and then got so famous for saying asinine things you’re running for congress. of course you love America. #livinthedream

  7. So he became a plumber because he’s full of shit ?

  8. “In 2012, inspired by Joe the Plumber, Republican voters took to shooting vegetables in their backyard, leading to a nationwide famine and the deaths of 7.4 million Americans. Never forget”–A Democratic candidate of the future oh wait there isn’t going to be one the world is coming to an end good riddance it’s about time.

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