TLC is starting a new show called America’s Worst Tattoos about people with bad tattoos who show us their bad tattoos and then talk about how bad they are. (You can watch the trailer here.) The show should be called Perfect.

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  1. Is it a coincidence that this popped up in my tumblr feed this morning:

  2. I know a couple of candidates. When my dad was in the army, he and a friend got really drunk and gave each other tattoos. He has a very poorly drawn devil, the bottom half of which was kind of abandoned and re-drawn halfway through in a different position, that says “BORN TO RAISE HELL” on his forearm.

    I also dated a guy who had “Cool Guy” in the Coca-Cola script on his hip from when he tried drugs for the first time at 13. Cautionary tales, both.

    • Oh, and also my friend, who is a tatto artist, told me once about a guy who came in super drunk and wanted the Rolling Stones logo, with the lips and tongue, on his forehead. Her boss said “I’ll make you a deal. I will draw it on with marker, you wear it around for 24 huors and if you come back tomorrow sober I will do it for free.” And that is exactly what happened. I love knowing that he exists somewhere. Every single day of my life I wake up and wonder “Is today the day I see a man walking down the street with the Rolling Stones lips on his forehead?”

  3. Dr. Pangloss was right! This is the best of all possible worlds!

  4. I know a woman who had a leopard print thong tattooed on. That wins as worst tattoo ever in my books. NOW YOU ALL KNOW IT TOO.

  5. FINALLY AN EXCUSE TO POST MR COOL ICE AGAIN god it’s been so long, Ayo I missed you @mrcoolice

  6. This thread is traumatizing. The worst tattoo I’ve heard of didn’t even happen. A girl in high school wanted a tattoo that said Fantasy. I think she backed out when they showed her what it would look like and they spelled it Fantacy. (You know, though, the misspelling doesn’t make it that much worse.)

  7. Those tattoos in the trailer really are not the worst tattoos. I mean, they’re shitty/misspelled, sure, but they’re easily hidden and done by people who aren’t absolutely horrible tattoo artists. Surely we all know (’cause I know, like, 5 people) someone who had a friend give them a peace sign or pot leaf tattoo with a guitar string and a vial of India Ink in the 8th grade.

  8. I’m really glad no one posted the “I’m going to kill you, Ray Romano” tattoo because THAT IS THE BEST TATTOO.

  9. I have the worst tattoo in the world, it’s “down there”, 2 cherry’s, at my young days, always said that I wanted extra “cherry’s”. I now can’t go swimming, with my nieces or nephews, where shorts, it was hand done, I just thought maybe a little cherry, but as we were going on, it just got bigger and bigger and now I don’t even want to get a “pap smear”(and I’ve had cancer before: that’s how bad this is. I’m afraid to send a picture because if you don’t pick me, then everyone will see it. I now where skirt bathing suits so no-one will see this. It’s bad! I thought that I could off set if by putting ‘yellow roses’ on my other hip to cover my hip surgery scare, well, it doesn’t work. The cherry’s are right up there. Can you help me? PLEASE HELP ME TURN THIS INTO SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL, OTHER THAN SOMETHING SLUTTY.

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