Harry Reid (D-NV), dog. (Via GotchaMedia.)

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  1. BOOOOOOO Save it for your twitter feed, Harry Reid.

  2. Listen, all I wanted to know was the legal ramifications of driving my 18 closes friends around in my mini. There was no need for snappishness.

  3. Man, this guys has been in Washington way too long.*

    *Since this is Videogum and not Deadspin, I’m guessing a lot of you around these parts don’t get the joke Reid was making. Bruce Harper plays baseball for the Washington Nationals and recently responded to a reporter’s question in exactly that same fashion. Reid was referencing that incident. “Cool explanation, bro.” – you guys

  4. Some context, for you non-sportsgummers – the other bro / Nevada native / Mormon taking DC by storm, Bryce Harper.


  5. The question in question was actually, “Fucking magnets, how do they work?”

  6. any of u dudes no where i can pick up some big red shoes and a squeezable nose?

  7. Another noteworthy fact about Bryce Harper – he once gave himself a black eye when he threw his bat in frustration. It bounced off the wall and hit him in his face. I should probably feel bad for him, but I laugh every time I hear that story.

  8. Meet your ageless love.Good luck with my all heart!

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