Yuck, well, so, the big photograph going around today (each day has its own “big photograph,” no doy, let’s continue) is this one, from the New York Daily News, of Alec Baldwin allegedly “punching” a member of the paparazzi, who were camped outside of the courthouse where Alec Baldwin had just obtained his marriage license. (Congratulations to Alec Baldwin!!!!) I say allegedly punching because the only person who said he punched anybody is the guy who has been allegedly punched, and you know — NY Daily News. So anyway what I want to say is: WHO AMONG US WOULD NOT PUSH OR EVEN PUNCH THIS JERK? Alec Baldwin certainly does often seem like a crazy person, and it’s not his first negative encounter with the paparazzi, but my goodness! Your HUMAN LIFE is constantly monitored by people pushing and shoving to get the best shot of you, like, taking a walk, and then on what could be one of the most important days of your life (giving everyone the benefit of the doubt), you walk out of the courthouse into what you hoped would be relative anonymity and you STILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH THESE GOONS? Give me a break. Everyone is a human. Nobody should punch anybody else, but also nobody should shout bullshit at strangers and then take their picture all the time and expect to not get pushed or punched in the face every so often. Alec Baldwin did accept the job of Famous Celebrity, but you, Mr. Photographer, also accepted the job of Awful Goon Who Sells People’s Privacy For Money. FAIR IS FAIR. Let’s all leave each other alone! Well first let’s all leave each other alone, but then also let’s CAPTION THIS HOT-BUTTON PHOTO!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball and 0 punches in the face. (Via TheSuperficial.)

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  1. Well if the prize is not getting punched, then what’s the point in even trying?

  2. Mention Cat In The Hat* again, I dare you

    * also acceptable:
    Fun With Dick and Jane
    My Best Friend’s Girl
    Running With Scissors
    Along Came Polly
    The Adventures Of Pluto Nash

  3. This is what happens when no one sees Rock of Ages.

  4. “You do great work on 30 Rock!”

  5. Always Be Close-lining

  6. “Hey Stephen, how about a picture?”

  7. But I’m a duly appointed celebrity photographer!

  8. i can’t stop laughing at the facial expressions in this picture. i guess the real winner here is the guy who caught this picture, he probably made a lot of money.

    • Plus it could have been their wedding day too!

      “Remember when we eloped at the court house and I took that photo of Alec Baldwin pushing that guy and sold it and it paid for our honeymoon and a down payment on a house? Happiest day of our lives.” — the fake and pragmatic couple I just made up

  9. This jacket may be Member’s Only, but here’s an exclusive invitation to the Shrubbery Club!

  10. Alec Baldwin hates flash mobs photography at weddings too! Celebrities, just like us!

  11. “Whoops! Sorry. In that hat I thought you were Kim Basinger. Mea culpa.”

  12. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of (camera)men?

  13. Looks like somebody tried to get The Last Shot as Baldwin Departed the courthouse, when all he was trying to do was be The Marrying Man!


  15. More like Alec BaldFAIL.

  16. This is what happens when you let Otho get hold of the handbook!

  17. ……….In other news, Kanye West performs ‘Niggaz in Paris’ a record shattering twelve times…in Paris!

    • You prolly won’t read this cause I’m posting days later, but I have thought to myself a few times after reading yr posts, “Ha, this guy reminds of Kanye”. I’m not kidding.

  18. And there’s your preview of Baldwin’s monologue on next season’s SNL.

  19. What are we, in prep school?

  20. Smooth move, Ferguson!

  21. I bet this photo sold for over a thousand smackers.


  23. I was thinking of photoshopping Pete Campbell’s face over the photographer’s, but then I realized that there’s no need. The guy already has an outstanding bitchface.

  24. facts we can assume from the picture:

    1) judging by Baldwin’s attire, it was obviously taken before 6pm

    2) gilbert godfrey has taken quite a financial hit now that he no longer has that AFLAK money

  25. This photo is twelve million times better than that stupid Bat-Man movie is going to be. Fuck that noise

  26. Camera Guy – “Hey Alec, can you do your best Elaine Benes impersonation?”

    Alec – “Get Out!” (shove)

  27. C’mon guys..he’s gotta keep earning that members only jacket or else they’ll kick him out of the gang

  28. His PR team is pitching a spin on this incident to Capital One like right now.

  29. Look, I’m sorry, but that haircut DOES look better on Jason Bateman.

  30. That’s a Donk-aghy punch!!

  31. Pushing jerks retracts 10 lbs from your figure!

  32. “FUNCOOKER!”

  33. The real talent here is the photographer who captured this magic moment: Bladwin’s double-chin and paunch have disappeared, but his ass and reactionary violence are looking better than ever!

  34. he better watch out or he will be a recurring gossip girl character

  35. “no, YOUR jacket looks stupid!”

  36. Alec clearly does not like to be reminded about “The Shadow”.

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