• Ray Romano is going to have an arc on Parenthood, everybody! Is it going to be AS Ray Ramano because Grandpa got cast in a community theater revival of Men Of A Certain Age that Loreli is actually going to be writing the adaptation of and Dax and Peter Kraus are going to something something Luncheonette? Click to find out! -Deadline
  • We already talked a bit about the winners of the Critic’s Choice Awards, in the way that we’ve already talked about Community, but would you like to know the REST of the Critic’s Choice Award winners? I bet you’ll be happy with a bunch of them! If shows winning awards makes you happy! -WarmingGlow
  • Aubry Plaza had an adorable interview with Conan O’Brien last night on Conan and Martin Short sits next to her and laughs at her and it and it is all very endearing. You should watch it! -TeamCoco
  • Adam Carolla finally broke his legendary silence about how he doesn’t think women are funny, and it’s a surprisingly well thought out argument that makes a lot of sense and doesn’t just make him seem like a shitty jerk dummy just kidding! -Splitsider
  • This is a supercut of famous lines from movies that people say right before they die. Stuff like, “oh no!” and “ahhhh” and “no wait stop!” and “what are you…”. You know. That kind of stuff. All the famous ones. -TheDailyWhat
  • Similarly (kind of) (not really) here is Game of Thrones recut into a trailer, as if it is a romantic comedy. Welcome to the Internet, I hope you love it!!!!! -Neatorama
  • Oh no, Nick Stahl is missing again! You guys! You have to be more careful with Nick Stahl! -Dlisted
  • Oooh, guess who is Forbes’ highest paid actress of the moment. You have five guesses. Here’s a clue: She’s also your favorite actress and star of multiple of your favorite movies, but she ISN’T Taylor Momson. Got a few in mind? Ok, let’s find out! -Forbes
  • Here is a picture of Angelina Jolie with her hair weird for a movie. Hollywood magic! -FilmDrunk
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  1. Relax, Kelly, Adam Carolla was just making a joke. You’d get that if you were a dude.

  2. Well, in women’s defense, it is hard to compare to our hilarious friend salad.

    Oh salad you card! Such wit!

  3. The dude from The Man Show doesn’t find women funny, next Fred Phelps will say he doesn’t enjoy the work of John Cameron Mitchell

  4. Why did I click that Adam Carolla link? I was only vaguely aware of his existence, and now I know one more misogynist butthead by name.

  5. I especially like how Adam Carolla explains that women aren’t as funny as men by making a racist comment about “brothers” being good at basketball. Equal opportunity douchebag!

    • He’s just being edgy/saying what everyone else is thinking, right? Stereotypes are so funny! God I could use a magic salad right now.

  6. That’s not Angelina Jolie’s hair! She’s wearing a Maleficent hat!

  7. That Game of Thrones rom-com trailer just reminded me that the Summer Solstice is coming up and I don’t even have a date!

  8. women aren’t funny. heh……soooo Adam Corolla’s a woman, right?

  9. adam corolla just understands that women cant be funny because they aren’t allowed to make sophisticated fart and poop jokes like him and The Men of Comedy are- women’s bodily functions are TOTALLY GROSS but men’s are okay and often hilarious.

  10. Nick Stahl! What in the hell are you doing going missing all the time?! Oh yeah, buying and consuming massive amounts of drugs, that’s right.

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